Fala was founded in 2013, and led by filipe magalhães, ana luisa soares and ahmed belkhodja, while both hedonistic and restrained, the atelier takes lightness and joy very seriously. fala has lectured at different universities and institutions, including the architectural association, the riba and the barbican in london, the gsapp in new york, the graham foundation in chicago, the centre for fine arts in brussels, the versailles’ faculty of architecture in paris and l’casa della architettura in rome; among others, fala has taught at the faculties of architecture in venice, munich, munster, porto, liège and bratislava. the atelier’s work has been exhibited at the architecture biennials in venice and chicago, the serralves foundation and the pavillon de l’arsenal in paris, and in single exhibitions in panama, italy, macedonia, france and portugal. fala's work has been widely published in international media platforms, including domus, engawa, baumeister, zeppellin, plot and the architectural review. the atelier has published ’01’, a collection of early projects by the atelier, and the international architecture magazine 2G is creating a monographic issue about fala's work, to be released in late 2019


House in Porto

The interior of a house is redesigned. Sequence of irregular spaces and different geometries

The interior design project by fala studio is based in Porto and involves the coexistence of overlapping antagonistic spatial structures. The ground floor is designed as a free space, unlike the first floor, which encloses all the complexity of the home

triangular graphic venetian floor

Apartment and store. The floor graphics highlight the curved trend of the open space

An ex-garage is converted into a multifunctional space. Fala Atelier uses the floor graphics to highlight the curved course of the large open space that joins the glazed street front with the back garden.

Structure in coloured wood

Local wood structure open to interpretation. Between a stage, a room and a square

The structure, designed by the fala studio is very enigmatic and open to interpretation. Consisting of a series of plateaus and four facades with distinct characters, made of local wood, the meticulous use of paint clarifies the interpretation of the architectural elements.

Floor of a redesigned modernist apartment building. The mint green floor links all the spaces

Floor of a redesigned modernist apartment building. The mint green floor links all the spaces

The fala architectural studio renovates the main floor of a modernist apartment building located in Porto, Portugal, and the design of the space works through a series of delicate oppositions between additions and existing elements

Picturesque Art Deco house. Asymmetries and spatial ambiguities inspire architectural harmony

A unique Art Deco house nestled in the urban fabric of Porto, Portugal, is redesigned by fala studio, which seeks to add clarity to a space that has undergone an irregular succession of renovations and expansions

Houses with garden

Architecture that connects fragmented realities. Composition of orthogonal, diagonal and curved lines

Six houses, four identical and two distinctive, share a common garden, within a block, whose composition of the interior space is full of different and fragmented geometries and different materials.

Renovated granite house

Granite shack turned into a house. Distorted plan and bucolic garden

The project of the fala architecture studio saw the transformation of a small granite building surrounded by a bucolic garden into a house, where each floor is a unique space, connected to the others through a spiral staircase

Restored building

Light, acoustics, touch. Project based on sensory perceptions

Johan Sundber, Swedish architect, expands a building into a wellness center, a spa dedicated to physical and mental recovery using materials such as stone, concrete, wood and glass in line with the tradition of the place

Wooden pavilion for the São Paulo Biennale

Installation for the San Paolo Biennial. Wooden pavilion with cubic volume

The Fala studio designs on the occasion of the 32nd Sao Paulo Biennial, a pavilion that is to be installed in the garden, which is made of wood with a cubic volume and different colours, combining professionalism and playfulness at the same time