Design and playground in Madrid. A colourful child-friendly city where you can discover free play

The Aberrant Architecture Studio with Landscape for Play is on its second exhibition space project dedicated to free play. In an old abattoir in Madrid, a playground is created which is based on free time and moves the forms of the surrounding city into an interior space

Aberrant Architecture proposes the creation of an installation dedicated to free play inspired by the architectural language of the great Dutch playground designer Aldo van Eyck. Landscape for Play is a proposal based on leisure time that moves the shapes of the surrounding city into an indoor space

When asked how we can transform urban space through play, Aberrant Architecture responds with structures, shapes and colours that invite children of all ages to use this new place in an imaginative way. The resulting interior landscape is composed of colours, cracks and different elevations that make up a fantastic territory

The opportunity for the child to discover their movement is an integral part of the city because the city is also a place to play. Which spaces can artists envisage for boys and girls to play? What can a cultural institution experiment new experiences offer children?

Landscape for Play, the second of The Intermediae Playgrounds' projects, tries to give a new role to children in cultural institutions. The resulting interior landscape is made up of follies, cracks and different elevations which, while constituting a fantastic territory, do not impose strict restrictions in terms of people's behaviour