American ‘60s are the backdrop for the renovation of this luxurious Dutch villa

The architects Francois Hannes and Tom Kneepkens, the creators of this restoration, revealed their common inspiration, that contributed to the complete rebirth of this building.

"I was inspired, among other things, by the James Bond films of the ‘60s. This gave to the villa a cinematic look with a lot of personality" says Francois Hannes. Tom Kneepkens adds: "For me, the American ‘50s and ‘60s are the sources of inspiration. Naturally translated into this moment, when high-quality lines and details provide an insight of my design style."

François Hannes' innovative approach to the interior always takes great account of sight lines, light incidence and divisions of the interior surface. The exterior, on the other hand, reinvented by Tom Kneepkens, the second creative mind, is designed around interior spaces tailor-made for those who will live in the structure, blending everything into a striking overall picture. One element that immediately recalls this integration is the Geopietra® manufactured stone cladding, with a model created on request of the customer, offering all the charm of reclaimed material. The variegated shape of the chosen stones is inspired by Geopietra® Spontaneous profile, in a mix of warm and cold shades.

In this case the model was chosen to clad the long wall of the entrance, whose surface on the outside shows the reflections of the pool water, while on the inside it follows the staircase to the first floor. The cladding is then repeated several times in the building: for example, we find it installed on the luxurious fireplaces, or in the bedroom, or even on a wall next to the indoor swimming pool. The use of materials such as wenge wood for all customisations, from the walls to the furniture, the solid steel and the leather in the stairwell, bar and sliding doors, and finally precious marble for various finishes define the magnificent and exclusive atmosphere of the villa.

Regarding the outdoor area, the realisation is characterised by a closed space on the street side and a large opening towards the garden, where light comes in playing abstractly with shapes, materials and views, giving a strong dynamism to the house. As further evidence of the perfect integration of indoor and outdoor, horizontal lines are always the protagonists, even more than in the interior, while Geopietra® masonry returns to the side of the two staircases surrounding the outdoor whirlpool. Everything has been created with great skill and attention to details. A reserved luxury, with an appearance of timeless elegance.