"Reconstruir México" after the 2017 earthquake: the house for Alex

The project funded by #LoveArmyMéxico, following the earthquake that struck central Mexico, aims to rebuild the affected areas: Ocuilan is the house designed for little Axel on the lot belonging to his grandparents

Since the 2017 earthquake that struck central Mexico, several initiatives have emerged such as Reconstruir México, whose goal was to consciously and effectively rebuild the affected areas. PALMA is one of 50 architectural firms convened and tasked with working with families in inferior situations

Oculian is the project for a home built for Axel, an 8-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents. The house is being built on the back of the grandparents' lot, and the grandmother explicitly asks that open spaces communicating with the interior and an extra bedroom be designed in case of need

The house was to be built on the same budget used for 45sqm homes. In order to give a feeling of spaciousness to the reduced space, the project is configured with a series of independent walls that frame views capable of giving depth beyond the limits of the built environment

Although the plan of the house is very simple, a square of 7 meters per side with a small central patio, using freestanding walls helps to avoid a simple and direct reading of the interior space, while surprising the visitor. The 3 bedrooms are arranged at the back of the house and face the more lush side of the plot, while the kitchen and small central patio enjoy the privileged views