Stefano Agnello Architetto

via Mameli 10, 15066 Gavi (AL) - Italy

Born in Tortona (Alessandria) on 29 October 1958, he showed an attraction for his father Alberto, a young architect and designer, lover of painting and photography, and a friend of the cenacle of local artists who was making his debut with encouraging successes in Milan galleries and ferments of Brera, in the early 1970s. He obtained a degree in Architecture in Genoa, with a thesis on Restoration: The recovery of the Loreto church in Tortona. After the state exam, he made his debut in the profession, leaving an original mark from the first realizations: showrooms and interior design of public places and private homes, characterized by a creativity free from rigid schemes. At the beginning of the nineties he designed the first dental practice: another 45 entirely designed and built between Italy and France will follow, in addition to more than 100 design consultancies in the same sector. In the same years he signed important projects, especially in Milan: a restaurant-bar chain, the headquarters of a famous advertising agency in Via Tortona, interior design of a brand of optical shops. At the end of the nineties, after following major renovations in palaces of historic centers in northern Italy, he moved part of his business to Rome. Starts the restoration project of the church of San Benedetto in Piscinula in Rome and the adjoining Casa Rettoria. Major renovations will follow, including a villa in Trigoria and a penthouse in the Prati district, up to the realization of the Dolce & Gabbana Temporary Store in Via Belsiana (after having followed the homologated showroom in Forte dei Marmi). For Recarlo, the famous jewelery label of Valenza, designs the new headquarters, managing the project until the completion of the new construction and the original design of some furnishings. Completed in 2011, it is an example of emotional architecture that contains characteristics of liveability and functionality inspired by the brief elaborated together with the client. Of the same years it is another important construction: the La Gioconda residential complex in Vigevano, for Leonardo Immobiliare, where classic atmospheres adapted to the contemporary lifestyle are recreated. Today Stefano Agnello follows the restructuring of the farmhouses of the Centuriona estate in Gavi, and continues his activity in the field of dental surgery design with the completion of an important medical-dental center, Novimedical, in Novi Ligure. He also started a collaboration with the Mediamix magazine of the Arianto group, where he will deal with architecture and design applied to medical studies. He is working on the engineering of an innovative prefabricated kit for the renovation of dental offices, patented by himself, which will allow for short and certain realizations, and at low cost