Studio MK27

Alameda Tietê, 505 - Cerqueira César São Paulo - SP 01417-020 Brasile

Studio MK27 located in the chaotic city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 30 architects and various collaborators worldwide. The architects of the team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seek to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to details and finishings. Kogan is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), Professor at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo and Politecnico di Milano, considered by Época magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential persons in Brazil, is part of “Wallpaper’s 150 Famous for 15 Years”, and came in 39th in Dezeen's Hot List 2017. He leads a team of architects who, for the most part, have been working with him for over a decade


Villa with pool

“ Fazenda" house in Brazil. The Overhang made of reinforced concrete merges with the Stone

Located in Porto Feliz, Casa Pasqua is a modernist project by MK27 Studio, which merges reinforced concrete with stone, to integrate with nature and make it penetrate into the house, through large openings and unlimited spaces.

Contemporary wooden architecture

House Ramp in Sao Paulo. Wooden facade used as a lining that folds inward

A residential and exhibition work, which combines art and design, the project by Brazilian studio Mk27 aimed to create a space that would blend all these elements, where the bonding element is the architecture itself

external cladding of wooden slats

Villa in the forests of San Paolo. Architecture as a connection with nature

Located in the rainforest, the project of Studiomk27 aimed to insert the house in a mountainous profile, with the aim of creating a connection between architecture and nature, favouring the view towards the ocean and the incidence of sunlight.

Terrace wood cladding

An urban village like a pueblo in Madrid. Urban and private space merge

The MK27 Studio planned a new development on the outskirts of Madrid. The aim was to create a type of habitat where houses would be freely arranged around a network of public spaces to create a new type of public life.