Tectoniques Architectes

11 Boulevard Eugène Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, Francia

Associated partners Pierre-Yves Lebouc, associated architect Max Rolland, associated architect Alain Vargas, associated architect Raphaël Verboud, associated architect Robert Weitz, associated architect An experienced, creative team With 20 years of professional experience, Tectoniques is collective in structure, comprising two generations of architects and engineers. The arrival of new young associates in 2007 and 2011 brought about a movement of renewal, in an ongoing synergy of experience and dynamism. A horizontal structure Tectoniques currently has some 20 members who form a horizontal, collective structure in which individual personalities remain discreet. The organisational structure is centred on creative processes that are collegial and interactive. Progressively-integrated engineering Tectoniques is progressively acquiring new skills. In 2009, it obtained OBQBI certification in surveying and supervision. In 2011, it was certified to carry out climatic and environmental studies, with the objective of autonomy and quality control. A new working environment After a number of years on the slopes of Lyon’s Croix-Rousse hill, the agency recently moved into new premises in the Part-Dieu business district. International development From a strong base in France, Tectoniques is now expanding into other countries, notably in the fields of tourism and leisure activities