U A I G architettura - Ufficio Architettura Interni Grammauta

Via Piersanti Mattarella, 9, 90141 Palermo, Italia

UAIG is an office for architecture based in Palermo. He deals with design and construction in the residential and commercial sector, carefully following the customer in all the phases of development and realization of the project. UAIG is an office for architecture founded by Luca Grammauta, focused on the themes of living in private residences and public places. Research an architecture that is attentive to materials and their sensory perception, focused on the person and the space they inhabit. UAIG is an integrated system of solutions with multidisciplinary collaborations for the completion of building programs. From the feasibility analysis to the technical implementation, through the management of economic resources and the development of administrative practices. UAIG is strategic planning by placing architecture as a strategic node between various disciplines. UAIG promotes comparisons between various disciplines and between multiple protagonists. UAIG explores and researches forms of diffusion of culture and architectural sensitivity in the context in which it operates