Calle Etxesakan, 5, 31180 Zizur Mayor, Navarra

VAILLO + IRIGARAY is a multidisciplinary team of transversal creativity for the generation and development of ideas, projects and cultural, social, architectural, industrial and artistic products. Understand the world as a system of inter-related systems. Look from different points of view at the same time and inter-relate them. Work with different scales: magnifying glass + helicopter
Multifocality Elaborate to the limit: size does not matter. Customize designs and processes. Design strategies: not objects. The project itself as a source of inspiration. Place, culture, client, program, function, $ ... make up the framework. Return to the origin = be original. Transverse creativity. Horizontal connection between different disciplines. Operate from artistic hybridization in trans-border territories. Each work requires its own process, its own laws and its own materiality.
360º Branding: brand strategy as the guiding thread of the entire process. Research in each project. Innovation in the process and in the product