Day Off by Yomagick - Creativity Decoded | ConceptD

See how Yomagick used imagination and ConceptD technology to create a dream world piece by piece, breaking down his colorful abstract scenery to its raw elements.

Yomagick, aka Maciek Martyniuk, is a freelance designer and digital artist based in Barcelona, Spain. His most recent projects, like 2019’s ‘Dreamlands’, create a surreal yet welcoming dreamscape for viewers to slip into, a theme continued with ‘Day Off’, Yomagick’s passion project for ConceptD. 

The idea for ’Day Off’ comes from Yomagick’s fascination with the spaces that we are drawn to in the course of our day-to-day lives in order to relax. After exploring his environment to observe how people like to unwind on their days off, Yomagick takes these insights and exaggerates them. He then uses animation, hypnotic repetition and 3D tools, such as C4D and Octane, to render them soft, dreamlike and surreal. The final result yields something of an idealized space in which one could unwind and decompress.