Ode to the birch - Art Installation in Serbia

The installation Ode to the birch intends to relocate the natural reality of Prolom Banja into the gallery space. The birch trees (represented by 2.5 m long silkscreen prints on rice paper) have been present in folkloric tales as a metaphor for the medium between worlds: between the world of men and the world of spirits, between the human and the non-human. The branches carry the messages joining those worlds: the black and white patterns of the tree are scriptures being sent. To interact with these branches is to negotiate in this relation and to become kindred with these planes: human, natural and spiritual.

Ode to the birch is a collaborative project between Bojana Petković , Guida Ribeiro, Timo Johannes and Max Wolfs, created at MAiR (Media Artist in Residency) in Prolom banja, Serbia