Zanella Architettura

Via Francesco Marchetti, 438, 38020 Monclassico TN, Italia

"Daughter of art" with his brother Alessandro also collaborates with La Casa s.n.c. of his father Rino who has been working since 1978 in the real estate sector. After the higher education and the subsequent post-collaboration. graduate with the then Vice Rector of the building prof. Antonio Frattari of the University of Engineering of Trento, as well as the brief collaboration with the study Azzali of Trento, in 2005 he joined the engineer Alessandro Zanella who contextually takes over from the father who died prematurely in the management of the family real estate company. The training paths of the two professionals, complementary and parallel by nature, are summarized in a common Contemporary vision of Architecture, a trend consolidated by a constant attendance by the Circolo Trentino for Contemporary Architecture (CiTrAC), which helped both to project the look and attention towards all those established and advanced territorial areas in terms of architectural quality, especially in the Alpine Regions. Architect Gianluca Valorz enters the team in 2012 with the contribution of a fresh and brilliant university education, which contributes to to give a precious boost also thanks to the use of the latest three-dimensional rendering and rendering technologies. The studio's activity is oriented to the design and construction of building organisms, structures and quality works from all points of view, first of all those of indoor comfort, energy saving and environmental sustainability. The latter are followed especially by Ing. Alessandro, also thanks to specific training at the Casaclima agency in Bolzano with the achievement of the qualification of "Expert House Energy Clima Consultant". The study also deals directly with the executive, structural, safety on construction sites, construction supervision and construction site assistance, land registry and land registry and energy certification practices; it makes use of continuous close collaborations with qualified professionals in the field of thermo-hydraulic and electrical plant engineering, coordinating an integrated design up to the executive detail, indispensable for the success of the project and the achievement of its mission