Example of building technology
Example of building technology

Building technology

The development of building technologies over the centuries has been a key factor in the progress of humanity. From the first civilizations that discovered how to use mud bricks to create rudimentary dwellings, to the advanced engineering processes used to build today's skyscrapers, mankind has always sought to develop more efficient ways to create lasting structures.

The complex of activities relating to the construction of buildings of all kinds, from the design and construction of individual buildings and finishing works to planning for the construction of a city, falls under the umbrella of building technology and construction techniques.

Each construction is a building object but at the same time it is an architectural work. The term building includes construction materials and techniques, whereas architecture is the realization through the use of these materials and techniques of a new space, that we shall call architectural. Thus, architecture through construction creates new envelopes, new environments, more generically the built environment.

One of the oldest building technologies still widely used today is masonry. It involves laying stones or other materials, such as brick or concrete, to form strong and durable walls and arches. Carpentry is another ancient building technology which involves cutting, shaping, joining and finishing wood and other materials such as plastic or metal into useful objects or structures. While carpentry is mostly used in residential buildings, it has also been employed in the construction of commercial buildings such as shopping malls, office buildings, stadiums, and amusement parks.

Advances in building technologies have dramatically improved our ability to build structures faster and stronger than ever before.

In this section we will talk a lot about building technology, new building technologies on the market with technical focus on the various parts that make up a building. From the construction of internal structures and partitions, passing through thermal and acoustic insulation to renewable sources for the energy supply of buildings.

The pearl of Garda Lake . The natural stone has allowed the village to renew itself without forgetting its past

We are in the area of Brescia, in one of the most popular tourist resorts on Lake Garda, situated in the moraine hills near the lake shores. As far back as 2005, during a renovation and extension, Geopietra® started from the natural context of the area and worked on masonry innovation, following a careful study of the original techniques and materials. 

The observation of beauty in the surrounding world gives life to the sartorial design of wallpapers and more

Inkiostro Bianco is a brand that brings emotions to life through creativity.  The search for and observation of beauty in the surrounding world is what fuels the creative passion and gives rise to the desire to create something equally beautiful. The desire to feel comfortable in one's environment and to awaken emotions are the heart of the brand's design idea.

CasaClima Gold Nature in a Natural Park
CasaClima Gold Nature in a Natural Park. NZEB building with high energy performance

In the Circeo National Park, renovation works coordinated by the architect Federico Lestini in collaboration with the company Posaclima, are carried out with high-performance enclosures that guarantee high internal comfort.

Catering and acoustics studies in public spaces
Enogastromic and comfort-related experience. Pizzeria 357 and its attention to acoustics

The Restaurant-Pizzeria 357, located in Merano, in the province of Bolzano, not only focuses on taste as the chef Andrea Fenoglio says, but also on environmental comfort and acoustics, which are fundamental aspects in the restaurant industry

Magenta 71 with Celenit sound-absorbing panels
Flexible spaces for students at the San Carlo College. Design and attention to acoustic comfort

The A4A studio designs two recreational spaces for the San Carlo College in Milan where students can share moments of relaxation. Bright colours, flexible spaces and a youthful design without neglecting the acoustic comfort of the rooms.