A design object is designed with the intention of satisfying a specific need. The concept of intention is fundamental: design reasons by procedures, that is, it establishes a set of operations whose characteristics are determined by a precise purpose that must be clearly understood upstream of the process.

To achieve the purpose, the design object must be capable of being produced, reproduced and used by the public. Production, reproducibility, dissemination and consumption, therefore, are intrinsic phases of the design process.

Modular pouf in the shape of an iceberg. New life to disposable masks reco-vered from the streets
Modular pouf in the shape of an iceberg. New life to disposable masks reco-vered from the streets

The project "Couch-19", realized by Atelier Tobia Zambotti, highlights the problem of pollution due to the incorrect disposal of disposable masks which are medical waste and cannot be recycled conventionally in a creative way

Diffused light and astro-mathematical geometries for a new lighting design
Diffused light and astro-mathematical geometries for a new lighting design

The Equant lamp by young designer Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, is inspired by the harmony of mathematical concepts describing astronomical processes that are as distant as they are resonant in every living thing

Artist photography as theater stages
Photography and stage theater. Art as gestures and expressions of female bodies

The multifaceted artist Virginia Panichi uses art through various forms, photography, painting and installation, her paintings are therefore more than performances and her a narrative follows a fine thread made of symbols

Lamp inspired by the spontaneous shapes of everyday life. From a pile of dishes to a design idea
Lamp inspired by the spontaneous shapes of everyday life. From a pile of dishes to a design idea

The Pile Lamp is a celebration of the essence of a kitchen where the lively and cheerful activity of nourishment and conviviality has just ended, and its potential beauty is recognised and given... light!

facade graphics New York
Graphic Design for a building in Brooklyn. Facade like a huge drawing sheet

Camilla Walala reinvents the façade of a historic building in Brooklyn on the occasion of WantedDesign NYC 2018. The graphic project will have a permanent character, in which the design goes from an A4 sheet of paper to a 40-metre strip, reinventing the city's mink.

GUPPY ceiling lamp. The design is inspired by the scales of the tropical fish bearing the same name
GUPPY ceiling lamp. The design is inspired by the scales of the tropical fish bearing the same name

Designed by daneo design studios, the GUPPY ceiling lamp is an eye-catching avant-garde lighting fixture, its design inspired by the richly decorated scales and fins of the guppy fish and the Cubist movement of the 20th century

Purple custom interior design
Customized interior design. A more unique vision for the next step in the evolution of design

The Masquespacio Studio designs "Mas Creations" a customized high-end interior design for a more selective clientele but also a wide selection of products designed exclusively by their studio

GO wheelchair custom 3D printing
GO a human-centered vehicle. The wheeled seda with customized 3D printed elements

GO is a prototype designed by Studio Layer and includes two customized 3D molded elements, the seat and the foot housing. The shape is guided by the digital data derived from the biometric mapping of each user to adapt with precision

Kips Bay Decorator Show colour scale
Funny, mundane and intellectual. The stairs of Kips Bay in New York City dressed in colour

Designer Sasha Bikoff designs the staircase in the famous Kips Bay Decorator Show House, a house dedicated to children, where every year famous designers transform the interior spaces. Colours, geometries and movement are the hallmark that the designer wanted to give to this project

photo architecture courtyard Budapest
Budapest seen from the courtyards. Photography to describe architecture with a new perspective

The young Hungarian photographer Tamas Dragon describes his city, Budapest, through the gaze of a childhood memory, sensing the space with his nose up. Fascinated by the courtyards of the old buildings, he proposes a new perspective of architecture

home printed metal module cad cam
Prefabricated house with printed modules. A flexible and sustainable metal enclosure

Designer Eva Sopeoglou creates a holiday home in Greece using state-of-the-art digital CAD/CAM technology. The perforated sheet metal graphically recreates the leaves of the olive trees in which the house is immersed

Concept Store china furniture display shop
Concept Store for a Tea producer in China. The furnishings simulate natural landscapes

X+Living creates the first Concept Store for the Zhuyeqing Tea brand. Taking the Chinese landscape paintings as a starting point, the furnishings take the shape of stylised mountains and clouds, thanks to the play of reflections created with the covering material

office new york open space columns exposed beams
In Brooklyn an industrial building is converted into an office. Open space and custom-made furniture

The New York-based CIVILIVN Studio has been hired by Newlab to transform 77 Washington, a building of almost 30,000 square metres, into dynamic workspaces, with distinct but always interrelated areas to encourage creative teamwork

urban furniture telephone booth restyling sitting wifi usb orange
Urban furniture in Shanghai. Old telephone booths are converted into "capsules" for stopovers

The Phone Booths, designed by 100architects Studio, is aurabano furniture project promoted by MINI China through its Urban Matters platform, whose aim was to convert old phone booths into resting places.

landscapes photography composition
Landscapes composed as sculptural environments. Expression of the algorithm of popular taste

Photographer Anastasia Samoylova uses filterless research to create images of distant and evocative landscapes that she then composes, giving them an almost sculptural appearance. Each print evokes a certain sector of popular taste she interprets.

city porcelain plates and monuments
Porcelain dishes inspired by the cities of the world. The skyline is transformed into Design

Studio Loriel has designed this collection of dishes, inspired by the most important monuments of cities in the world. The project begins with Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but through a crowdfunding campaign the studio wants to expand the collection to all cities in the world

Bamboo seat
Texture and matter. Collection of seats made of " bamboo skin ", combining tradition and form

Cement and bamboo are used to create a Ching Chair, a project of furniture objects created by Taiwanese designer Ta-Chih Lin, which revitalizes and gives nobility to everyday materials, emphasizing their technical characteristics through touch and form as well

Skateboard rubber tires recycled
Recycled rubber skateboard. The second life-cycle of tyres through the shredding process

The young designer Paolo Stefano Gentile designs and produces Fragment, a collection of skateboards made of rubber from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT). Through the shredding processes, the rubber of the tyre is transformed into granules capable of maintaining all the technical properties of the tyre.

Hand-painted white ceramic sculptures
White ceramic as a sculpture. Femininity through art and design

The artist Pepa Reverter designs an all-female collection for Bose, which has always produced ceramics using ancient techniques for objects which are entirely handmade, enhanced by chromatic research and decorated with precious metals

graphic signs social distances
Graphics and social distance. Posters as communication tools for a new habit

The CannonDesign Team has been dealing with communication and strategies for companies for years, in light of the new social habits dictated by the events of recent months, reflecting on how road signs could be transformed into totems to dictate new messages.

screen and terracotta furniture
Combination of Design and Matter. Terracotta inspires a relationship between the past and the present

The "Mission", entrusted to the Spanish studio Masquespacio, under the guidance of Valentina Guidi Ottobri, is to work on the idea of travelling as a revelation. A journey to the re-discovery of "Land", in its natural essence, between nature and artifice.

Welcome to arkitectureonweb! All the colors of Architecture

arkitectureonweb, the most innovative Network on Architecture is renewed. The new versions in English and Spanish between publishing, online training, video and social media. A single community: 6 Portals in a single network

Greek bicycle
Mathematics and Mobility. Manual skill merges with technology and gives life to new forms

The Pi Bike was designed by Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas, handmade using carbon fibre material, whose shape reflects the mathematical symbol of Pi Greek (π) and was created to coincide with Pi (Greek) Day and Albert Einstein's birthday.

cats banana lamp
Democratic design and illuminations. Cats and Bananas dominate homes with provocative irony

Ironic and provocative, this is the style that Job Studio wanted to create for Seletti's collections. Felix is a cat with intense eyes that illuminates by creating enchanted atmospheres, while Banaba Lamp, is ironic through the use of more democratic and accessible materials.

versace home milano
Versace House in Milan. A contemporary vision with bright colours for the Home collection

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, Versace Home returns home to the complex of buildings in Via Gesù. And to present the new Versace Home Collection, Donatella Versace invites the Designer Sasha Bikoff to create the installation and the exhibition gallery.

sweets with 3d models
Desserts which look like miniature architectures. A mix of geometric shapes, colours and 3D moulds

Cake Designer Dinara Kasko designs silicone shaped cakes, by using 3D printing technology, creating "quick-consumption" design objects, while making the act of eating look like an artistic performance

ceramic heart vase
A heart for design. Faithful and ironic representation of human "nature"

Designer Marcantonio designs for Seletti a porcelain object that accurately depicts the human heart, a tribute to lovers and love in general, designed to adorn the houses by becoming a vase

industrial design research laboratory
Research laboratory in Shanghai. Interior design retraces history

Powerlong Ideas Lab, designed by Studio X+Living, wants to be a learning laboratory that combines research and technological development. Starting from the factories of the "Age of Steam", tanks, pipes and pedestrian platforms are included in the project.

Mouse with lamp
Invasion of mice and monkeys with Lighting. Lights that turn your home into a fairytale world

Seletti, the leading pop brand in Italian design continues to experiment with new technologies and through partnerships with designers. Marcantonio designs the Mouse Lamp and Monkey Lamp series which are naturally inspired by combining dreams and reality

Graphic art exhibition
Colour processing and visual language. Emotional impact of chromatic iterations

Through the use of minimal, essential and synthetic forms, Alberonero reduces the elements of his visual language to geometric compositions, proposing a specific reinterpretation of space also through the use of colour, thus defining a new aesthetic

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