BEAR Progetti


Via Milano, 36 - 23032 Bormio (SO) - Italy

Enrico Bellotti is the Architect who gives his name to the Design Studio BEARprogetti, based in Bormio, in the Province of Sondrio. He obtained a Master's Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2005 and, after some work experiences, he obtained his professional qualification in 2008. In the following years, he attended various training courses including those enabling him to coordinate safety on construction sites and to be an energy certifier for buildings accredited by the Lombardy Region. In 2013, he participated in training courses organized by the CasaClima Agency of the Province of Bolzano, obtaining the title of CasaClima Junior Expert to nurture his deep interest in the constant evolution of the construction industry and to offer clients technologically advanced and up-to-date design solutions. The Design Studio BEARprogetti has among its main objectives the in-depth exploration of contemporary residential design themes and the enhancement of the historical features of buildings undergoing renovation, restoration, and reuse. In 2012, under the brand SMART BEAR DESIGN, in collaboration with the artisan company MOBILART of Bormio, he participated in an event held in the heart of Milan parallel to the International Furniture Fair. At the SuperStudioPiù location in Via Tortona, he exhibited some original pieces resulting from the close collaboration with the artisan during the realization of interior design projects in new and renovated buildings. Over the years, the Architect has participated in some design competitions that have allowed him to deepen a design approach based on architectural experimentation, often lacking in professional practice. The Design Studio approaches each new project with passion and great enthusiasm, finding the best idea to meet the client's needs. Through the use of floor plans and sections, three-dimensional drawings, photorealistic simulations, freehand sketches, and scale models, the Architect manages to establish a dialogue with the client based on the mutual exchange of information and opinions.