House renovation projects and residential building redevelopment

Reinterpret spaces, giving them new life and functionality in environments and historic buildings. Renovation projects for houses and historic building redevelopment are the focus of this section of articles on arkitectureonweb. An overview of beauty and reinterpretation where renovation projects for houses or apartments examine the before and after of the intervention. Insights from the elegance of the past reinterpreted in modernity, solutions that preserve the historical essence with contemporary touches.

All house renovation projects, before and after

The artistic transformation of spaces, balancing style and functionality, creates homes and places steeped in history but designed for the future. Discover the before and after of the renovation of residential houses and buildings on arkitectureonweb and be inspired for your future redevelopment projects.

Exterior white side chapel with red roof

Renovated chapel in a small village. The white walls inspire calm and lightness

The chapel, located in a small Portuguese village, near the village of Ansião, was renovated by Bruno Dias Arquitectura, who guarantees a contemporary intervention whilst respecting the existing heritage and its architectural nature

Metal panelled dwelling

Comfort and privacy in a dense urban setting. Perforated metal panels clad the home

The Arthur Casas Studio renovates a house for a young couple in São Paulo by cladding it in gold metal panels with perforations based on 19th-century leaf engraving, making the volume homogeneous and ensuring maximum privacy


Picturesque Art Deco house. Asymmetries and spatial ambiguities inspire architectural harmony

A unique Art Deco house nestled in the urban fabric of Porto, Portugal, is redesigned by fala studio, which seeks to add clarity to a space that has undergone an irregular succession of renovations and expansions

19th century residence transformed into a shop

A historical nineteenth-century residence has been transformed. A space midway between the concept store and art gallery

An eclectic reinterpretation by the Vudalfieri-Saverino Partners studio which revolutionizes the luxury retail sector by designing a store for Delvaux, the oldest Belgian luxury leather goods company in the world

Victorian terraced house restored

Renovation of an Italianate Victorian townhouse. Reviving historic charm

The new family home used as an office in the 1990s is audaciously renovated by Renato D'Ettorre Architects, who skillfully honor the building's historic charm with bold design changes

Summer residence in the pine trees

Summer residence in Tuscany. Material volume in the pine forest

Hidden in the pine forest of Marina di Castagneto, in a landscape setting of Tuscany and surrounded by dunes dotted with maritime pines, myrtles and holm oaks, a summer residence is renovated by the architecture studio Fiorido Massimo Associati


Small renovation with a unique design. Northern Lights ricochet through living spaces

The key to the design of this small renovation by Stukel Architecture is the ability to reflect light back into the interior, with a corner strip acting as a reflector to illuminate the living spaces

atelier kitchen island brass

From a factory to an artist's studio-house. The materials and design of the details transform the essence of the building

In Holland, in Zaandam, a monumental industrial building becomes "Ketelhuis" (a warm house), the home-workshop of a couple of artists, thanks to the work of Modijefsky Studio in collaboration with the clients' atelier

Prospectus restored historical building

Structural rehabilitation of a building in Lisbon. Renovation of construction and decorative elements

A Portuguese building dating back to the 20th century is undergoing rehabilitation by the architects of who, in addition to structural reinforcement are committed to improving the energy performance and comfort of the apartments

kitchen resin wood black staircase

Double volume for the bookcase. Functionality and aesthetics for a renovation in Madrid

Zooco Studio's renovation project revolves around the double volume of the dining area, with books becoming the decorative element of the house combined with a binary selection of materials: oak wood on the floor and white for the other surfaces

Blue and white interior

Small house hidden at the back of a modernist building. A focus on textures and materiality

Casa Zaire, a tiny hidden house on Rua do Zaire, in Porto, isolated from the street and urban life has been renovated by Paulo Moreira Architectures, who reconsidered the internal connections between the house's spaces

Dwelling Australia

Expansion of an existing building in Melbourne. Private courtyard sheltered from the street

The project by the Australian studio mgao was carried out on a house that had undergone several poorly thought out expansions over the years. The previous additions were demolished to make room for a more functional one

Warehouse with brick wall

An old renovated warehouse in Madrid. A combination of contemporary and historical elements

The project by the muka arquitectura studio as its objective aims at the special combination of contemporary elements, represented by the colour white with the more historical and ancient ones, which are depicted by the old historical walls of the basement

military complex recovered

Urban laboratory in Turin. Nineteenth century military complex between Co-Living & Co-Working

The international architecture and design studio Carlo Ratti Associati, has started the renovation of the former military complex from the 19th century in Turin, creating spaces for cohabitation and coworking.

dining room wooden ceiling

Expansion for two residences in Catalonia. Contrast between white material and wood

The unparelld'arquitectes studio has expanded this residence to create three houses with large and bright spaces thanks to the three levels of terraces. The materials of the horizontal surfaces, floor and ceiling, characterize the space in contrast with the white material of the walls


Apartment renovation projects to give new life to spaces

Renovation reshapes spaces skillfully, harmoniously, reinterpreting habitability and giving new trends to the approach to environments. In the renovation projects for houses selected by arkitectureonweb, discover how spaces take on new forms. Renovation projects for historic buildings, hotels, cinemas, garages: new life for ancient volumes.