House renovation projects and residential building redevelopment

Reinterpret spaces, giving them new life and functionality in environments and historic buildings. Renovation projects for houses and historic building redevelopment are the focus of this section of articles on arkitectureonweb. An overview of beauty and reinterpretation where renovation projects for houses or apartments examine the before and after of the intervention. Insights from the elegance of the past reinterpreted in modernity, solutions that preserve the historical essence with contemporary touches.

All house renovation projects, before and after

The artistic transformation of spaces, balancing style and functionality, creates homes and places steeped in history but designed for the future. Discover the before and after of the renovation of residential houses and buildings on arkitectureonweb and be inspired for your future redevelopment projects.

Interior in red brick

Small expansion in the back of a house. Interior cladding made of red bricks

In a house in south London, nimtim architects studio considered its clients' modest budget and designed a materially and spatially rich space, with a wooden structure and brick cladding

Renovated house in Lisbon

Sensitive restructuring in Lisbon. Modernity echoes the Portuguese context

The Dodged House in Lisbon, renovated by the Bureau Daniel Zamarbide studio, has a very distinctive modernity, based on its practice, the reflection of the Portuguese context in which it is located and characterised by a contemplative void inside.

House with glazed terrace

Replacing a 1970s roof. Modern roofing changes the appearance at the back of the building

Belgian architectural studio Poot Architectuur intervenes in the replacement of a roof in a dwelling, obtaining a result that significantly changes the appearance of the back of the building, creating an expansion of the kitchen and a covered terrace

dining room with wooden table and concrete floor

Expansion of a guest house. Panoramic views and natural light

The Orma Architettura architectural studio is responsible for the expansion of "Casa Vanella", in Corsica, a place of panoramic views and contemplation, commissioned by a couple who wanted to create a space exclusively for guests.

a warehouse becomes a house

From a Theatre to a Warehouse, from a Warehouse to a House. An old building converted over time

The building "The Theatre", which dates back to the 19th century and which, despite the various uses adopted over time has retained its original name is located in Barcelona and was converted into a living and working space by the architects Cadaval&Solà-Morales.

Brick building

Renovation of an abandoned building in a London village. Comfortable brick housing

The EDRM studio, in collaboration with AOA, accepts the proposition of transforming an abandoned building on a small side street in Hackney, a village in London, into a home with a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. 

Historical complex

Rehabilitation of a historical complex. Stone and wood alternate alternating in an interplay of textures and colours

In the rehabilitation project of the Real Vinícola complex, in the Portuguese municipality of Matosinhos, the Jazz Orchestra is also installed, a space dedicated to the promotion of interaction between art, technology and science through multidisciplinary projects.

expansion terraced house

Extension of a terraced house. The use of brick on the outside echoes in the interiors

The extension of the London terraced house by the architectural studio Bureau de change enhances the use of brick to the detriment of a classic glass extension, making the extension fully integrated with the existing home

Stone country house with arches inside

Country house among fields and fruit trees. Stone volumes and white colour

On the outskirts of the village of Empordà, in the province of Girona, the ARQUITECTURA-G studio renovates an old country house, redesigning the volumes and spaces from the agricultural past into spaces for simple domestic use, characterized by stone and white colour

historic building white furnishings

Historical Portuguese building. A house from the 40s renovated to the present day

The historical house, with its architectural style that dates back to the dictatorship period and thus the expression of a political ideology that is currently openly condemned, but with an effective design is redesigned to house a modern family

Historical complex renovated

Renovation of historical complexes in Bellagio. The harmony between man and nature comes back to life

Ortalli Verrier renovates a property located in Bellaggio, in the province of Como, in a sunny and wind-shaded basin, bordered by a hill, consisting of a patrician eighteenth-century villa, an agricultural complex and a small and ancient volume.

The metal structure and the wood covering above the kitchen

Housing in the heart of Seattle. Domestic environments acquire personality

A young family from Seattle wants to give a new look to their home, and turns to the architecture and design studio SHED, which will integrate original elements of the last century with details dictated by modernity

double volume wood furniture base custom

A network to bypass the fulcrum of the house. Light, space and interplay as keywords of the project

The entire project rotates on the double volume in which a mezzanine net becomes the added space. In this way the architect Martin Alonso manages to extend the surface of the house without removing light, using the playful design and optimizing the storage space.

internal restructuring

Renovation of the River Building in London. Improvement of the view of the Thames

Stiff + Trevillion Architects studio completely renovates the River Building, also known as Cannon Bridge House, a fundamental part of the London skyline, on behalf of the Blackstone group, both internally and externally.

The light-colored living area and the completely white ceiling

Renovation of a house in Spain. Apartment in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

The project carried out by the architecture studio Ylab Arquitectos consists of the renovation of a 130 m2 house with a terrace located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, on a building located near the town hall


Apartment renovation projects to give new life to spaces

Renovation reshapes spaces skillfully, harmoniously, reinterpreting habitability and giving new trends to the approach to environments. In the renovation projects for houses selected by arkitectureonweb, discover how spaces take on new forms. Renovation projects for historic buildings, hotels, cinemas, garages: new life for ancient volumes.