House renovation projects and residential building redevelopment

Reinterpret spaces, giving them new life and functionality in environments and historic buildings. Renovation projects for houses and historic building redevelopment are the focus of this section of articles on arkitectureonweb. An overview of beauty and reinterpretation where renovation projects for houses or apartments examine the before and after of the intervention. Insights from the elegance of the past reinterpreted in modernity, solutions that preserve the historical essence with contemporary touches.

All house renovation projects, before and after

The artistic transformation of spaces, balancing style and functionality, creates homes and places steeped in history but designed for the future. Discover the before and after of the renovation of residential houses and buildings on arkitectureonweb and be inspired for your future redevelopment projects.

Stronghold on the hills of Barcelona

Consolidation of a stronghold. Monumental Complex in Barcelona

The consolidation of the Monumental Complex of Saint Genis de Rocafort in Martorell, in the province of Barcelona by the BCQ arquitectura barcellona studio is intended for the rehabilitation and structural adjustment of the stronghold.

Custom made kitchen

Renovated apartment in Merano. Functional organization in small spaces

The Italian architectural studio Messner Architects, located in the province of Bolzano, takes credit for the renovation of an apartment located on the ground floor of a condominium in a skillful way, respecting spaces and functionality.

Exterior of the building with detail of the restored facade

Psychiatric center is redesigned. Between traces of the past and a look towards the future

The project to redesign the building dating back to the 19th century, by Vaillo + Irigaray studio, modernizes and at the same time skillfully enhances the original values of the structure, including pavilions, stairs, patios and ancient geometries.

Dining area and kitchen opening onto the garden

Victorian home renovated and expanded. Colour as an essential material

The renovation project, entrusted to the London-based architecture studio Office S&M, aims to provide a space of their own for the children who belong to the family owning the house by creating as much living space as possible.

Primary school with colored facade

Upgrading of a primary school. A joint project with pupils and teachers

In the municipality of Carrosio, in the province of Alessandria, the Energycare studio in collaboration with architect Paola Bosisio were awarded funding for the energy upgrading of the primary school by reducing energy requirements by up to 90%

New openings are created in the facade

Preexistence reinterpreted. Combination of tradition and contemporaneity

An old farmhouse that has been abandoned, in the historical centre of Cividade del Piano, in the province of Bergamo has been renovated by Zupelli Design Architettura into a private home called "Casa Donella"

Reception with wooden counter

Cantilevered terraces and stone walls for a hotel in Austria. Relaxation becomes Design

The roots of the mill in Obergurgl date back to 1627, but it only became famous after the landing of Piccard and Kipfer's balloon. With the renovation by architect Rainer Schöpf, this paradise stretching over 1900 metres is now a perfect combination of relaxation and design

The cantilevered terrace and the minimalist kitchen

An existing building is remodeled. Renovation of the ground floor of a house with offices

The project, located in the province of Bolzano, involves redesigning an existing building into a single compact volume, with offices on the ground floor and a house on the first and second floors with a roof terrace

The common area of the school

Transformed industrial site. History and monumentality characterize the new high school

The industrial complex located in Lille, France, preserves scale, monumentality and spatial quality while leaving room for a new use, a high school complex, incorporated into the imprint of the old factory

Minimal meeting room in contrast with the existing walls of the church

Event space in Belgium. New Creative Solutions for the transformed Chapel

Located in a Chapel, the new Studio Event Space of the Belgian Studio Klaarchitectuur is not only the official premises but also an example of the potential of Architecture and the philosophy of the Studio Itself: an experience between spiritual and design

The restaurant hall with a wooden roof

The Barn transformed into a Refuge for families. In San Francisco, the right light transforms the ordinary into extraordinary

In San Francisco, William Duff Architects has created a bold renovation of a rustic barn in the Napa Valley, transforming it into a welcoming refuge for families and enriching it with new glass volumes and subtle transparencies

Limonaia en el lago de Garda

Lemon orchard on Lake Garda. Innovation and tradition, combining restoration and materials

Close to the 46th parallel, in the perfect climate of Lake Garda, seven centuries ago the Franciscan friars introduced the first citrus fruits, hence the giant greenhouses, characterized by high stone pillars and wooden planks have carved this landscape

Stately apartment with arches in the interior

Elegant apartment in Turin. Unique space combining ancient and modern

Officina 8A Studio, a studio of Associate Architects, renovates an elegant apartment in Turin, rediscovering the essential elements that become the strong point of the recovery project

Extension of a historic house

A building from the late 17th century in the Po Valley. Expansion and Renovation of the Main House

The complete renovation of a main house in Parma, Emilia Romagna, was carried out by the Cortesiarchitetti Studio. The villa, dating back to the late seventeenth century, has been incorporated into a new building, used as a garage and caretaker's house

villa with stone swimming pool

Renovation of the Villa in Chieti. The transformation that is carried out using stone, brick and wood

Architect Rocco Valentini renovates a residential villa in Chieti, Abruzzo, renovating a house from the early twentieth century and using the typical elements of local architecture


Apartment renovation projects to give new life to spaces

Renovation reshapes spaces skillfully, harmoniously, reinterpreting habitability and giving new trends to the approach to environments. In the renovation projects for houses selected by arkitectureonweb, discover how spaces take on new forms. Renovation projects for historic buildings, hotels, cinemas, garages: new life for ancient volumes.