Perimeter connector and screed
System of slab consolidation

In the renovations of the masonry buildings, the floors have a fundamental role for the static and seismic consolidation of the buildings, thanks to the formation of the perimeter circle that avoids the overturning of the walls and the formation of the collaborating slab interconnected to the existing slab that creates a rigid plan.  In particular, the objective is to carry out interventions such as to obtain the 'box behaviour' of the existing building.
The effective connection between the floors and the walls is essential to ensure the structural continuity of the supporting elements of the building: the floor is the task of redistributing the horizontal forces on the walls, formation of the rigid plan, and avoid tipping over.

The construction of a new lightweight collaborating slab, connected to the existing slab thanks to the contribution of the Connectors Centrostorico Wood, Steel, Concrete, Chemical and masonry with Connector Centrostorico Perimeter, increases the seismic safety of the building.
In addition, the new collaborating concrete slab Leca, connected to the floor and the existing walls through the Historic Center and Perimeter Connectors, allows to reduce the weight on the structures to 50% compared to a traditional solution.  Thanks also to the contribution of the Leca lightened screed and undercoats, the system ensures positive effects both on the reduction of the oscillating masses during the seismic event and on the increase of the useful capacity of the slab.