"Ephemeral station" a new way to produce energy and human aggregation without weighing on the planet

A futuristic tree, inspired by the huge banyan trees and capable of expanding its foliage to protect and accommodate human communities with their social and cultural activities under it. A new mobile landmark, which wants to be characterized by the aggregating meaning and at the same time green thanks to its ability to produce energy for self-supporting and for the activities that it hosts from time to time

A visionary prototype in form and intent, the one designed by OF. Studio with the consultancy of the 4215 Studio for the environmental design and of the engineer Alfredo Esteves-Miramont for the solar energy system, which in addition to evoking the Asian trees with their aerial roots and protective foliage, is also inspired by the constituent principle of the hot air balloon: the energy contained is able to generate more energy. In the hot air balloon this energy becomes motion, in the Ephemeral Station this energy can be transformed into and power countless things and activities

The Ephemeral Station will not have any energy or environmental impact, but it will generate an important one in its users. From a distance its sculptural appearance will become an icon of its meaning; from close up it characterizes the environment that will host it with very distinctive sensations: the station is not static, it moves and transforms as a consequence of the environmental conditions to which it is exposed. The upper "cloud" expands and contracts with changes in internal temperature. This movement creates the sensation of being in the presence of a living and breathing organism that consumes energy and, thanks to the technology it carries and produces it for the benefit of those around it

Made of natural or recycled materials, Ephemeral Station is designed as a self-supporting object capable of providing energy, water and solar protection to its users in any remote location