Solid wood vacation home. Shape and colour interact with the surrounding buildings

The architect Stefan Schweighofer is the author of the Kaltenbrunnen house, located in Austria, which was created from the foundations of an old container building from the 1980s, with shape, proportions and orientation based on the building context in which it is located.

The three-storey solid wood house blends harmoniously with the surrounding buildings. The three-storey structure has a two-pitch roof and blends harmoniously with the surrounding buildings.

Although, the house adapts perfectly to the slope and landscape, it maintains a confident appearance. The openings form carefully selected visual axes to the surrounding environment. In the basement there are retreat areas with bedrooms, which are ideal for relaxation.

On the ground floor there is the living area, divided on several levels, which opens towards the valley and the terrace. The spacious window can be completely opened thanks to a sliding door integrated into the wall, bringing the adjacent forest to the middle of the living room.

The solid wood construction is based on an existing foundation. Wall and ceiling are made of cross-laminated wood that is visible inside. The house is insulated with fibre panels, covered with a closed and ventilated wooden facade. The roof is made of Eternit tiles. In the project much importance has been given to the use of natural, renewable and local building materials.