Alessandro Bianchi Architetto

Via Bernardo Castello, 8, 16121 Genova, Italia

Alessandro Bianchi, born in December 1955, married with two children, lives and works in Genoa. He graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of the same city, in the academic year 1980-81. Registered since 1982 in the Professional Register of the Order of Architects of the Province of Genoa. After graduating he carried out teaching and scientific activities at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa, Architectural Composition Course, until 1985. In 1982 he met Renzo PIANO and began a collaboration relationship with the "Studio PIANO-BW Srl" by participating for two years , to projects of national and international level. In 1985 he worked as an external consultant with the "Studio Arch. P. GAMBACCIANI ed Associati" on important residential settlements for the city of Genoa. Beginning in 1986 with his own professional studio, "Studio Bianchi architectural services", he has been active in various and ongoing consultancy relationships with construction companies, public and private bodies and industrial companies. Mainly operates in the residential, tertiary, industrial and commercial sectors, developing the following activities: - preliminary, definitive, executive architectural design - construction supervision, construction site management - project management - artistic supervision - environmental impact consultancy - operational coordination of contract work for third parties - research and studies in the sector, market analysis - drafting of manuals and / or technical publications - tender specifications, metric estimates - technical-economic analyzes, technical appraisals - safety plans and site safety control. Currently he is a full-time professional freelancer, continuing to work in the various sectors of environmental, architectural and infrastructural planning, mainly on behalf of industrial groups, construction companies, private and public bodies. It also operates in the fields of structural and plant design, through direct and continuous connections with various technical Engineering Studies. Some of his projects, carried out also in collaboration with others on behalf of Public Bodies and Industrial Groups, have been the subject of attention in the technical and information press. Some of his works have received qualified and important national awards and certifications. His works are mainly located in Northern ITALY: Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany. He knows two foreign languages: English, French. It has been authorized since 1997 to provide professional services in the field of site safety. He is registered in the lists of the Ministry of the Interior for the issue of Fire Certifications, with the code GE1119A247. He is registered in the Regional List of Technicians in charge of Environmental Acoustics, LIGURIA REGION - Department of Environment and Territory, with DGR n ° 5045/97. He is registered in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Civil Court of Genoa since 1996, with the number prot. 521/9/96. It is included in the list of experts of the Arbitration Chamber for Public Works (pursuant to art. 242 Legislative Decree 163/06) with No. prot. 39629/06 / CAM. It is included in the Lists of external consultants of different public and private Bodies, mainly located in Northern Italy