Example of Hotel and SPA Architecture
Example of Hotel and SPA Architecture

Hotels and wellness centers

The architectural design of hotels and wellness centers is a wide-ranging type of design. The designers define the spaces in a functional way: from the distribution system to the lighting design study, from the material-chromatic choice of coverings to the design and / or choice of furniture and accessories, trying to obtain an atmosphere with a great emotional impact to make you feel at home. overnight users combining functionality and comfort.

The architectural design of a hotel and a wellness center must be functional, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. It is important that the spaces are adequately sized in order to guarantee maximum accessibility and comfort for visitors.

The architectural elements must also be able to evoke feelings of relaxation and well-being, with natural materials such as wood and stone. The arrangement of spaces inside hotels and wellness centers is equally important. In most cases: main entrances are designed to give an impression of luxury and elegance; public areas must be easily accessible and be harmoniously distributed in respect of privacy and security. The internal structures must be divided differently depending on whether it is a hotel or a wellness center.

A good architectural project also includes internal gardens or outdoor recreational activities such as sports pitches or children's play areas. In both cases it is essential that the particular climatic, landscape, etc. conditions are evaluated. for the optimization of the spaces intended for the different types of users.

Particular attention must be paid to the selection of the technical plant that will provide the energy service necessary for the management of the complex; it is good to always opt for eco-sustainable solutions that allow you to significantly reduce the management and maintenance costs of the structures.

Lastly, the aesthetic aspect of the project should not be forgotten: the creativity of architects can greatly contribute to the success of a tourist hotel complex or a wellness center.