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Architectural materials must comply with important and stringent regulations on safety and environmental sustainability.

Among the first we can certainly point out the ISO standard for corporate quality: it is precisely through the definition of rules that regulate the corporate processes, with which materials and products for architecture are made, that the first step is taken to ensure the safety of all. Both of the people - technicians and workers - who handle those materials, and of those - the users - who will go to live and work in the buildings made with those materials.

Among the regulations that instead regulate the environmental sustainability of materials for architecture, at least in Italy, we can point out the minimum environmental criteria or CAM. The minimum environmental criteria - defined at ministerial level - help planners, architects and designers to orient themselves in the choice of materials for the best architecture in terms of sustainability, taking into consideration factors such as environmental impact, life cycle (recyclability), emissions.

There are still various certifications and tests for building materials and products, depending on the sector and function of use. The Lepir II fire resistance test; UNI EN 13823 on the release of fumes and toxic substances; the UNI EN 1998-1 standard on earthquake resistance; UNI 7697 on glass resistance. And so on.

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