Agence ENGASSER & Associé

10 Rue Bisson, 75020 Paris, Francia

The birth of the agency began fifteen years ago. Since then, in 2005 we won the Tony Garnier prize and delivered some twenty buildings, working in positive energy building an experimental house in Reims in 2010 and the urban renewal of the Mouvaux center in the eco-district. positive energy. The agency, in addition to mixing architecture and urban planning, has always tried to remain multidisciplinary. Therefore, we work in all sectors, in particular collective housing, public facilities (sports, education and cultural), tertiary buildings, etc. It currently has about twenty people. Sustainable development means "long-term thinking" for us, it is also our commitment to our employees who are responsible for projects from start to finish. This vision and organization guarantees true coordination and a deep follow-up of the projects. Today the agency has a coherent and rigorous team with a real awareness of the work and the expectations of the agency that guarantee the recognition of our customers and a united agency. Our desire is to create a solidarity and motivation team to work for a demanding architectural quality. The agency also has an office in Sarreguemines in Lorraine and recently another in Montpellier. We have just won two university competitions for the department of 93 and the delivery of sports complexes in Montmagny, Buc and Sceaux. We recently delivered 93 houses in Malakoff and a stadium in Nogent sur Marne. In order to better integrate the technical aspect that today has all the regulations relating to the thermal one, and this from the conception of the project, aEa has recently acquired a structure called aEi (i for engineering). It brings together all the skills (structures, construction economics ...)