brandt+simon architekten

Auerstraße 14, 10249 Berlin, Germania

Martin Simon Architectural studies at TU Berlin and TU Delft Freelance work with Peter Flucke, ARW, Hans Düttmann, David Chipperfield and others. Diploma with Prof. Kees Christiaanse at TU Berlin since 2000 + simon architekten member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects Certified Building Energy Consultant (BAFA, Baukammer Berlin) Expert for preventive fire protection Ralph Brandt carpenter's apprenticeship Studied architecture at the TU Berlin, College of Art in Edinburgh and University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Freelance, among others with Peter Flucke, David Chipperfield and Michael Wilford (London) Diploma with Prof. Kees Christiaanse at the TU Berlin. Since 2000, + simon architekten in Berlin member of the Chamber of Architects Berlin brand damage expert with certificate of the IHK Berlin