Via Napoli, 22, 76011 Bisceglie BT

Rosalba Rutigliano graduated in 2004 at the Faculty of Architecture of the "G. D'Annunzio ”of Pescara. and the qualification to the architectural profession in 2006. From 2000 he began to collaborate with a design studio in Bisceglie, deepening the theme of residential building inserted in the different areas of the urban fabric. It develops a particular interest in the theme of living by setting itself the goal of implementing solutions that simultaneously satisfy the aesthetic, functional needs, living comfort, sustainability and energy saving. The use of technological innovations, such as home automation, allows it to carry out customized designs and at the service of customers aimed at improving the quality of life both in terms of energy saving respecting the environment (through the management of loads, air conditioning , of the lights, ect.), both in terms of living comfort (automation of openings, remote management of air conditioning, appliances and all the systems for which you want to have full control), and in terms of security (from management also remote control of intrusion detection systems to manage the voltage of electrical outlets to eliminate electromagnetic pollution and domestic accidents). Stefania Patella graduated in architecture in 1998 at the Faculty of Architecture of the "G. D'Annunzio "of Pescara and the qualification to the architectural profession in 1999. Journalist since 2003, he has written several articles on urban planning and design. He has always been involved in interior design and renovation, as well as in building design. He has collaborated with technical offices for the preparation of Implementation Plans for Lotting, acquiring particular competence in urban planning. In 2004-2005 he collaborated with the Public Administration of the Municipality of Barletta for the preparation of the Territorial Strategic Plan. In 2006 he directed the "National Bio-architecture course" in collaboration with the INBAR and the AGABAT association (of which he is a founding member) and in 2008 participated in an in-depth course on "Energy efficiency in buildings" (held in collaboration with INBAR). He worked as a consultant for Courts and Estimated Technical consultancy for properties until 2012 with banking and financial groups. Currently it pursues an eco-sustainable architecture that restores to the end user a quality of living and healthy living, through a particular attention to the use of natural and eco-compatible materials, as well as innovative technologies aimed at saving energy