24-32 rue des Amandiers - Paris 75020

HEMAA architecture and urban planning studio is a French firm founded by Charles Hesters and Pierre Martin-Saint-Etienne. The agency's production covers all scales of architecture and urban planning, both urban and rural.

Hemaa emphasizes the context in their architectural approach, and the uniqueness of their projects lies in how the context influences their work, creating agile and flexible structures. They consider factors such as building volumes, local materials, and construction quality.

Their unique process involves dividing the program into different entities and volumes, giving equal importance to voids and interstices as to built volumes.

Hesters and Martin-Saint-Etienne are willing to deviate from norms to create unexpected results, revising competition specifications based on the site. The impact of a project goes beyond its immediate area, influencing the surrounding public space, such as the creation of squares and passages, aiming to restore public spaces through private volumes.