220 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France


"Schema: drawing representing the essential elements of a concept. Main lines & key points to understand a work.

This term embodies a starting point but also a guiding line to follow. More than a name, it reflects our way of conceiving architecture. A free and frank architecture, making the understanding of an idea obvious, immediate.

Our projects tend towards this search for radicality. Sculpted by their environment and specific needs, they highlight strong and assumed ideas, for the benefit of functionality and sensitive experiences.

This conceptual approach, combined with a meticulous work on details, materials, and atmospheres, reflects the rigor and architectural demand carried by SCHÉMAA.

Our role must be pioneering and creative, surpassing expressed needs. Beyond any prejudice, proposing, imagining, developing always renewed solutions.

Our approach, always optimistic and responsible, aims to seek the right balance between the rational and the sensitive, integration and creation, with the ambition of improving the built environment."