Jonathan Tuckey Design

58 Milson Rd, London W14 0LB, Regno Unito

Jonathan Tuckey Design has garnered an international reputation for working with existing
buildings and structures. Our studio has become expert in combining contemporary design with
layers of built heritage to explore the ways in which old and new can co-exist and elevate one
another. We have worked on a number of commercial, cultural and residential projects within
Europe, the United States and South America, developing a clear set of principles and approaches
to deal with historic and modern architecture.

We embrace an architecture of change and an acute awareness of style and context underpins
everything we do. The juxtaposition of contemporary elements with original features creates a
dialogue between different eras and allows buildings to establish a new purpose. Re-using existing
built stock is the most sustainable approach to the future development of our cities and
countryside, retaining a sense of collective heritage.

Our clients share our fondness for materials, craftsmanship and proportion as well as the
soulfulness and idiosyncrasies of historic architecture. For this reason, the practice set up Building
on the Built, a programme of exhibitions and talks that explores unfamiliar architectural responses
to existing structures from around the world and close at home. For more information, please visit