Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel

Zona Hotelera 77780 Tulum Quintana Roo

Through its environmentally conscious design, a circle of bespoke artists and a cutting-edge residency program, IK LAB aims to provide a framework for the world's best creative minds to interact with the gallery's visionary architecture. Capture the quintessence of abundant nature and the rich spiritual heritage of the Yucatan peninsula to project it into a new future as an inspiration and a model for communities beyond. The skilful combination of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, lived spirituality and collective experiences will culminate in new ways of creating and experiencing art as a sign of the potential of human evolution and vision. Social entrepreneur and founder of Azulik, ROTH, who acquired the land on which his pioneering ecological resort is located in exchange for his paintings, intends to make space for his original vocation and share his inspiration through IK LAB, a creative vortex, connector and leads to further future projects