Licabetto, Atene 114 71, Grecia

K-STUDIO is an architecture and interior design studio based in Athens, where it operates internationally on various types of buildings, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and private buildings. Each architecture is inspired by the context in which it stands, by tradition and by materials


outdoor living room, villa greece

Architecture designed through emotion. A home to enjoy the freedom of peaceful existence in nature

Thanks to its stone, white walls and wood, Villa Mandra on the Greek island of Mykonos seems to be a natural product of the very land on which it is built and mimetically integrated: the panoramic ridge of Aleomandra. From its privileged position there, it embodies the satisfaction of that human need that the architects of K Studio poetically define as the pleasure of dedicating time to connecting with yourself, with nature and with everything that nourishes the spirit and which most people call a "holiday"

Cafeteria in Athens

Bakery located in a 1940s building. The Art Deco style interior evokes elegance of that era

Queen Been, a bakery located in the centre of Athens, is part of a modernist Art Deco building that has now been stripped of its original features. In a new space it is intended to revive the original elegance through colours and materials

Restaurant by the sea

Restaurant on the seashore. Multisensory architecture in harmony with the environment

On the Costa Navarino, in Greece, k-studio designs a restaurant belonging to the Costa Navarino Resort, named Barbouni, located on a wooden platform on the beach, creating a relaxing environment and atmosphere that is perfectly suited for the location.

seaside hotel

From abandoned wine factory to a Hotel by the sea. Preserved and valorised history

On the west coast of Greece, the architecture studio k-studio has the task of transforming an abandoned winery from the 1920s into a hotel by the sea, which preserves the history and raw beauty of the original structure