QUi53 studio associato di longo architetti

Via Luna, 10, 50121 Firenze, Italia

The study aims to merge research, idea and design to compose and create sensorial interests, perceptions and emotions. Through an international and multidisciplinary approach, focused on sharing technical skills and creativity, innovative projects come to life that stand out for style and efficiency. The fundamental objective of the study, which coordinates the design process in all its phases, from the concept to the executive realization, is to develop and construct a concept / project idea that is unique and exclusive to ensure a final result with added value. QUI53 studio deals with architectural design in private and public areas and is divided as follows: RESIDENCE - renovation - new construction, decoration - artistic direction of residential spaces and historic buildings NEW CONSTRUCTION - architectural design of private and public buildings RETAIL - planning / renovation / decoration of commercial / office spaces, from the concept to the executive design DESIGN | ART - furniture design and furnishing objects Furthermore, the studio offers its clients qualified technical consultancy and takes care of the administrative and management activities of each work: works management, site safety, administrative procedures, energy certification, state of consistency of buildings, appraisals , feasibility study of buildings