Schulz Architektur ZT Gmbh

Elisabethstraße 52, 8010 Graz, Austria

Graduated in Civil Engineering and Architecture at TU Graz University in Austria, he participated in Workshops and Studies with Zaha Hadid, one of his main sources of inspiration. He worked for many years with the Szyszkowitz-Kowalski architecture studio in Graz. In 2005 he opened “SCHULZ-ARCHITEKTUR” independent studio in Graz. In recent years, he has developed collaborations with the most renowned Austrian experts in this field, particularly in the design and realization of important tourism projects in various countries. Its purpose is to be able to design a sustainable architecture that includes how to responsibly manage the available resources by combining spatial qualities and cultural needs, a synthesis of technological engineering and socio-political needs. Its architecture is born from the mixture of creative courage and skills