In this section of Arkitectureonweb you will find a selection of projects from all over the world concerning landscape architecture. This branch of architecture deals with the planning, design and management of open spaces and the landscape, at different scales of intervention.

What is the Landscape? According to the definition of the European Convention, the Landscape indicates a certain part of the territory, as perceived by the populations, whose character derives from the action of natural and / or human factors and their interrelations. The landscape architect is the one who plans and designs urban and rural landscapes in space and time, based on the natural characteristics and historical and cultural values of the area.

This practice combines site planning, architecture, art and environmental restoration to help connect an area to surrounding buildings and make the landscape attractive in itself. The goal of landscape architecture is to create pleasant, functional and beautiful spaces that meet the needs of their owners or the public.

paint color urban area
Drops of paint in a public space. Customers attracted by a colourful corridor

The architecture studio 100architects intervenes in a public space in Shanghai, China, created as a visual link between the main square and a new sales space, colouring it with drops and arches of paint that reach the floor

Red public space
Innovative Public Space. The use of the color Red to attract and engage

The Chinese "Red Planet", in the city of Shanghai, is designed by the studio 100 architects to encourage interactions and the stopover of adults and children in a commercial street space previously intended only for circulation

Peace Bridge in Georgia
Bridge of Peace in Tiblisi. Symbolic architecture to connect Territory and Society

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Architect Michele de Lucchi has designed a bridge with parabolic curves that connects the two districts, the historic centre to the west and the park to the east, previously divided by the Mtkvari River

Iconic bridge in China: the Lucky Knot connects, enlightens and entertains
Iconic bridge in China: the Lucky Knot connects, enlightens and entertains

Of the unique series of bridges designed by NEXT, the Lucky Knot for the Chinese megacity Changsha maintains its architectural canons: it engages the social context and offers new perspectives

Facade of a parking lot like an origami
Building in Miami. Five designers design the façade of a parking lot like an "origami"

Within the Miami Design District, the façade of a seven-storey building is redesigned by the five Designers, WORKac, J. Mayer H., Clavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe, Riley K / R (Keenen / Riley), under the guidance of Riley: the Garage Museum is conceived as follows

Rotterdam station night titanium cover
Station as an archetype of connection. An architecture in Rotterdam that dialogues with urban diversity

A square for the city, this is how the new Rotterdam station is designed by the Dutch studio BENTHEM CROUWEL ARCHITECTS. User-friendly, accessible and transparent, a meeting place and an important logistics hub that opens up to the city with an architectural gesture of multiple language

covered walkway street furniture
Relaxing in Montreal. Art, games and socializing in St-Denis Street

A refreshing, but also artistic, recreational and social experience realized by Arcadia Studio that respects the main objective of putting people at the centre of the project.

The tree park seen from above
The park as a connection of different areas. It is the Library of the Trees in Milan

Designed in 2003 by the Inside Outside Team, which won the international competition organized by the City of Milan, the Park "The Library of Trees" was built in 2018, becoming an urban link, cultural campus and botanical garden

Playground as a set of pixels
Public Space as a combination of Pixels. Space organization and modular approach

The 100architects studio designs a public space project that combines different structures, spaces for children and adults, inspired by the digital concept of pixel, an independent unit that, combined with other pixels, creates an image

Gallery in steel and glass
Galerie Europe in Lille. Steel and glass are used to facilitate lighting and opening

Galerie Europe, located in the New Mons district, near the town hall and metro station, in the city of Lille, France, was designed and built by Coldefy&Associés in 2015, in order to revive the new district

The square frames the church
A historic Mediterranean square has been transformed. A preserved and emphasized heritage

Fabijanić architectural studio is the protagonist of the maintenance and restyling of Opuzen Square, a public space that has historically been a setting for daily rituals and is now being revamped with a new design.

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