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From urban skyscrapers to private residences, every construction project tells a unique story and uses specific products and materials. Architectural vision comes to life by translating the building object into reality, giving it functionality and style. Discover how in construction designs, products from arkitecturonweb's partners are applied and used. These projects go beyond expectations and allow you to concretely experience the benefits of using the specified product.

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In this selection of articles dedicated to the most innovative and iconic construction projects of all time, they are not reduced to mere soulless envelopes but come to life in the creation of multifunctional spaces. Discover all the construction projects selected by the editorial team of arkitectureonweb and be inspired by the images of these iconic examples of construction design, and how products and materials are applied and used.

Life among the Vineyards: the stone provides a perfect integration into the landscape

In the heart of Chur, the cultural and commercial center of the Rhine Valley, stands a unique residential complex from 2015, overlooking the Grisons Oberland. Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, enchants with its historic center and mountain landscapes.

Best Pivot Door 2023: the pivot door powered by Fritsjurgens wins

Best Pivot Door 2023: the pivot door powered by FritsJurgens wins

During 2023, the renowned Best Pivot Door competition took place, featuring cutting-edge projects characterized by a mix of originality, innovative design, and engineering precision. One of the most interesting and innovative categories was dedicated to special applications, where doors are not just considered access elements, but real sensory experiences. These doors stand out for their central pivot point, allowing them to transform into rotating walls when needed.


American ‘60s are the backdrop for the renovation of this luxurious Dutch villa

The architects Francois Hannes and Tom Kneepkens, the creators of this restoration, revealed their common inspiration, that contributed to the complete rebirth of this building.

Biblioteca Peccioli with Porcelaingres Facade

Library of Peccioli. Geometric porcelain stoneware cladding for expansion

Surrounded by greenery, the library of Peccioli consists of two volumes. , the historical part restored and the new contemporary volume. The ventilated facade is covered with Porcelaingres porcelain stoneware, custom-made following the project of Heliopolis 21 Architects Associates of Pisa.

Catering and acoustics studies in public spaces

Enogastromic and comfort-related experience. Pizzeria 357 and its attention to acoustics

The Restaurant-Pizzeria 357, located in Merano, in the province of Bolzano, not only focuses on taste as the chef Andrea Fenoglio says, but also on environmental comfort and acoustics, which are fundamental aspects in the restaurant industry

Project of the first wooden nursery in Milan

X-lam for the green kindergarten. The first kindergarten in Milan completely made of wood

Babylife, the first wooden kindergarten in Milan, has among its protagonists LignoAlp, which, thanks to the construction technology of the X-Lam, creates an innovative project, which is both sustainable and of great architectural quality

Stone cladding for a luxury villa

Modernist Villa in Holland. Large openings and stone cladding for a Luxury Design

The Dutch studio Grosfeld van der Velde Architects has designed this building based on their belief in the great value of architecture, both in the theme of sustainability and theme of aesthetics, in order to respect and raise awareness in the environment

School with colored glass facades

School complex in Switzerland. A facade made of colored glass for a modern School

After several years of modernization, the school complex in Horw, in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne, has been reopened by Studio Lussi + Partner AG Architekten, a project combining colored glass facades and compact architecture

Historic building in Lecce restored

Restoration of historic building in Lecce. Glass panels lighten the elevations

The structure of the famous historical building "Il Sedile" built in Lecce in 1592 on the instructions of the then Venetian mayor Pietro Mocenigo, is the subject of an operation of lightening thanks to the replacement of framed windows

Stone and wood for a renovation in Austria

Stone and Wood for renovation in Austria. The old barn houses the new offices of the Brewery

An old barn, long used as a warehouse, is revived thanks to the major renovation project by Skape Architects studio which restores the building to house the new offices of the Carinthian Hirt brewery

illuminated medical center

Medical Centre in Ascoli. Glass openings for a futuristic experience, between suspended facades, LEDs and natural light

The new Multispecialist medical centre " Health and Wellness Forum" is built in Porto d'Ascoli, a modern architecture, where the theme of light becomes central to a new concept of hospitality, especially thanks to the use of modern technologies

Home in x-lam

New X-Lam wooden house in Emilia Romagna. Clay Plaster and Green Roof for the House in green building

In the center of Albinea, in the province of Reggio Emilia, the architect Montanari of the Archetipo-Cavriago Studio creates a house with an X-Lam panel structure that distinguishes itself from the traditional structures of the area and thus becomes a source of attraction

Wooden structure for a farm in Trentino

Farm in Trentino. Wooden structure and thermal insulation as the basis of housing comfort

In Isera, in the province of Trento, the Debiasi Farm chooses wood to build the structure that will accommodate both the house and the business connected to organic farming started in 1990

Peace Bridge in Georgia

Bridge of Peace in Tiblisi. Symbolic architecture to connect Territory and Society

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Architect Michele de Lucchi has designed a bridge with parabolic curves that connects the two districts, the historic centre to the west and the park to the east, previously divided by the Mtkvari River

Recovery of a hotel in Barcelona

Hotel in Barcelona. Restoration, Design and Technology for Comfort in the frenzy of the City

Located in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample district, a building from the 70s, it was renovated by architect Daniel Isern, where the main challenges were the noise and the large size of the facade and the finishing, the comfort of the guests

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Discover the application of products and materials in the most iconic construction designs

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