House renovation projects and residential building redevelopment

Reinterpret spaces, giving them new life and functionality in environments and historic buildings. Renovation projects for houses and historic building redevelopment are the focus of this section of articles on arkitectureonweb. An overview of beauty and reinterpretation where renovation projects for houses or apartments examine the before and after of the intervention. Insights from the elegance of the past reinterpreted in modernity, solutions that preserve the historical essence with contemporary touches.

All house renovation projects, before and after

The artistic transformation of spaces, balancing style and functionality, creates homes and places steeped in history but designed for the future. Discover the before and after of the renovation of residential houses and buildings on arkitectureonweb and be inspired for your future redevelopment projects.

German speaking palace

From the Sanatorium to the Parlamental Palace. Modern expansion from the Green Facade

In 2008, the Atelier KempeThill won the international competition for the German-speaking community's parliament building in Eupen, Belgium. The project consisted of the renovation of a monumental sanatorium and a modern expansion.

Terraced house recovered

Rehabilitation of a terraced house in Flanders. Essentiality between steel and wood

The architects of the design studio NU architectuuratelier renovate a terraced house on the outskirts of Leuven in the centre of Flanders, Belgium. The project maximizes the space and rehabilitates the existing facade

Nursery on the ground floor

Victorian villa with kindergarten on the ground floor. The extension improves the quality of the spaces

Francesco Pierazzi's architectural studio is the protagonist of the extension of a large two-storey suburban villa, with a nursery school on the ground floor and residential spaces on the upper floor, improving the usability of the interior spaces

Waterfront buildings Antwerp

Duality of adjacent buildings. Renovated historical warehouse and new residential building

The "Sanda& Stand" project by HUB, located in a prominent position on the Scheldt river bend in Antwerp, includes both the renovation of a historic warehouse and the new construction of a luxurious and elegant residential building

School with glass facade

Primary school near Varese. Recovery between quality and energy performance

The project for the Elementary School of GorlaMinore in the province of Varese is exemplary not only for the quality and performance that distinguish the products used, but also for the architecture and design that distinguish it

Volume in cement with traditional shapes

Small rural nucleus. New volume made of Concrete is placed side by side with volumes made of Stone

Fuertes PenedoArquitectos intervenes on a small nucleus of traditional nature, formed by stone houses and numerous granaries. A concrete volume, open to the surrounding views, replacing one of the three existing adjacent stone volumes

Hotel surrounded by nature

Four-star Golf-Hotel in Germany. Architectural renovation through the use of stone

Bau-Consult Hermsdorf, has carried out a major concept and renovation work on the estate that lasted three years, designing the Superior Spa & Golf Hotel Weimarer Land, a building nestled in a landscape that for centuries has fascinated and inspired poets

Historic house with metal pergola

Farmhouse renovated with the addition of a stable. Minimalist design combines with archaic materials

The old farmhouse, located in the region of Vallès, in Catalonia was renovated thanks to the construction of a stable connected to the property by a large anthracite grey metal pergola that frames the front and back of the house

Barn transformed into a sports center

From Barn to a Sports Centre. Ancient outbuilding of a castle transformed in Charleroi

The project, by the Label architecture studio, involves the renovation of an old annexe of the Château des Princes de Mérode in Charleroi, in the sports centre, through the complete reconfiguration of the old volume

Renovated apartment with dominant glass

Renovation of a house in Sydney. The glass creates visual richness and dynamism

Australian studio Bijl Architecture has chosen the glass element as the protagonist of the renovation of a house in Sydney, Australia, creating a greater connection between the spaces and facilitating the entry of natural light

Renovated granite house

Granite shack turned into a house. Distorted plan and bucolic garden

The project of the fala architecture studio saw the transformation of a small granite building surrounded by a bucolic garden into a house, where each floor is a unique space, connected to the others through a spiral staircase

Restored building

Light, acoustics, touch. Project based on sensory perceptions

Johan Sundber, Swedish architect, expands a building into a wellness center, a spa dedicated to physical and mental recovery using materials such as stone, concrete, wood and glass in line with the tradition of the place

Restored mining building

Renovation of a former mining site. Preservation of the character of existing elements

Belgian architectural firm HUB renovates the main building of the Houthalen-Helchteren mining site in favour of an incubator for the Cleantech industry, as part of a redevelopment plan involving the site and the city centre

Apartment in the centre of lisbon

Historic building for a modern family. Renovated apartment in Lisbon

The multi-family building located in Principe Real, Lisbon, dating back to 1757, is adapted to the needs of a contemporary family while respecting the historical district and the construction logic of the building itself

apartment with parquet and white walls

From a large duplex to two separate houses. Combining modernity and stately character

The CAVAA arquitectes project adapts a large duplex to new family needs, dividing it into two independent apartments. The challenge is to preserve the elegant elements characterizing the original space without depriving itself of a touch of modernity


Apartment renovation projects to give new life to spaces

Renovation reshapes spaces skillfully, harmoniously, reinterpreting habitability and giving new trends to the approach to environments. In the renovation projects for houses selected by arkitectureonweb, discover how spaces take on new forms. Renovation projects for historic buildings, hotels, cinemas, garages: new life for ancient volumes.