Example of wooden architecture
Example of wooden architecture

Wooden buildings and works

Wood architecture is the section of arkitectureonweb dedicated to all those architectural and design projects that choose this material as the central element of the project. A way of building that has been continuously expanding in recent years thanks to the countless advantages it brings: energy saving, sustainability, lightness, speed of construction and good seismic and fire resistance behavior.

Architecture with wood is a form of construction that is based on the use of natural materials to create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. Wood offers many benefits as a renewable natural resource, including ease of processing, resistance to moisture and insects, thermal insulation and durability. Additionally, wood provides a warm, comfortable environment that encourages health and well-being.

Various types of wood such as oak, spruce or pine are used in wood architecture. Each offers different advantages in terms of aesthetics or characteristics of the final product.

The interesting thing is that this type of architecture can be used in multiple ways: from traditional load-bearing structures to modern prefabricated houses that can be built in a relatively short time.

But what are the main construction systems for building wooden buildings?

The Xlam structure: it is a massive technique which provides for the use of load-bearing elements inside the wooden buildings made up of multilayer panels, whose static behavior is similar to that of slabs.

The Block House technique, one of the first used, is a massive solution and involves the overlapping of heavy wooden elements, once trunks, stuck together.

The frame construction system is a lightweight solution that involves the construction of a load-bearing skeleton with non-load-bearing infill panels.

The Platform Frame construction system allows the construction of wooden buildings up to 4 floors high in a short period of time. The load-bearing walls are made up of wooden beams at regular intervals, closed by rigid wood or plaster-based panels.


Semicircular house among the trees
Semicircular house among the trees. An oak and an alder tree frame the project

In Osnabrück, in the V-shaped space between an alder tree and an oak, Baumraum studio designed a tree house next to a small stream, open to the south-west and with a view of trees and greenery, with large windows and two terraces

Naples Central Subway Station
Naples Central Subway Station. Between Art, Architecture and Archaeology

The project, known as triple A or Art, Architecture and Archaeology, involves world-famous architects Norman Foster, Massimiliano Fuksas, Alvaro Siza, Domenique Perault, Karim Rashid and Benedetta Tagliabue, and aims to give a strong identity to the environment

Experience Center for the Morgan Motor Company
Experience Center for the Morgan Motor Company. Natural materials and local craftsmanship

Hewitt Studios is the architectural firm behind the Morgan Motor Company project located in Malvern, England, which re-invents the old café, showroom and museum spaces to make way for a new Experience Center for visitors

Wooden house in a small Austrian municipality
Wooden house in a small Austrian municipality. Openings oriented towards the alpine panorama

On a small property located on a hill near Dornbirn, a small Austrian municipality, Juri Troy Architects designs a building oriented towards the three main viewpoints: the Säntis, the Bondensee and the Primo

Quality resort in the Piedmont Alps
Quality resort in the Piedmont Alps. Aesthetically elegant tradition

Alagna Experience Resort interprets the wild and chic spirit of the town in which it is located, Alagna Valsesia in an exemplary manner, echoing the rich and deep tradition of Walser architecture with its large loggias and slate roofs

Wooden house
Summer house designed like a wooden box. Larch exterior cladding

Summarhus H is the name of a summer house project by architect Johan Sundberg on the southern coast of the Skåne region in Sweden, in the shape of a wooden box containing a series of volumes with different depths

Home for two artists in Sweden
Home for two artists in Sweden. Expansion of an old villa with a limited budget

Swedish studio Forstberg Ling designed an expansion of an old villa for designer Jenny Nordberg and artist Andreas Kurtson with a simple brief, to create a large open space to serve as an atelier on a limited budget

Design of a mobile cabin
Designing of a mobile cabin. Sustainable materials, flexibility and self-sufficiency

The Belgian studio dmvA architecten designs "Cabin Y", a sustainable, economical and self-sufficient mobile home, made of white oiled pine wood in the interior and burnt larch wood in the exterior cladding

Contemporary expansion of a historic building
Contemporary expansion of a historic building. Wooden cladding as a contrast

The goal of the renovation and expansion project of the historic home, by Dutch studio Denkkamer is to increase its historical and cultural value, while providing a space for contemporary living

Court house in the heart of historic Beijing
Court house in the heart of historic Beijing. Juxtaposition of the old and new

Courtyard Hybrid, located in the Baritaisi area in the heart of Beijing's Old City, is being revamped by architectural studio Vector Architects, juxtaposing the old and new in terms of construction, structure and spatial experience

Straw and wood cottages
Thatch and Wooden cottages. The rediscovery of tradition in Croatia

The cottage is situated on the green slopes of Kumrovec, the Croatian municipality of Zagorje and was structurally in a poor condition. Studio Proarh renovates the building taking into account the characteristics of the local heritage and design

Floating saunas on Seattle's lakes
Floating saunas on Seattle's lakes. Water, fire and community as the focus of the project

The wa_sauna facility designed by goCstudio combines a love for water, relaxation from the dry heat of saunas and the idea of a floating structure and you can use it all year round for a unique experience on the water.

Renovated wooden bungalow
Wooden recovery in Los Angeles. Living in modernity among traditional essences

In a little-known neighborhood, Hermon, just outside the center of Los Angeles, a dilapidated bungalow dating back to 1920 has undergone a major renovation carried out by Architect Martin Fenlon bringing the old structure to life

Co-working in downtown New Orleans
Co-working in downtown New Orleans. Wooden interiors and vintage furniture in a former warehouse

The shop is the name of the co-working space designed by U.S. studio EskewDumezRipple located on the third and fourth floors of the Contemporary Arts Center in a historic former warehouse from the 1920s intended for technological, artistic and cultural enterprises.

French doors to an inner courtyard
Housing for an elderly couple. Concept for the creation of a sheltered space

K18-House is the project by Architect Show studio for an elderly couple in the city of Kumamoto, on the Japanese island of Kyushu with the aim of creating a calm and relaxed space capable of providing privacy and shelter from external noise

Wooden house with compact design
House under the oaks. Massive wooden elements for a rigid and compact design

The house, located in the Austrian municipality of Eichgraben on the outskirts of Vienna was designed by Juri Troy Architects, who used massive wooden elements to create a linear and compact architecture

Interior of a wooden house with panorama outside
Panoramic single-family house. Wooden Architecture overlooking the Sea

Built in the village of Caraquet, Les Jumelles are two small twin buildings built by the YH2 studio in Canada, to create a single-family house oriented towards the panoramic view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs

Tree house in wood
Treehouse in an urban setting. A regenerating place in vibrant Berlin

The "Urban Treehouse", conceived by the German studio Baumraum, is an experimental project based on a family initiative, with the aim of promoting new construction projects in harmony with nature even in urban contexts such as those of the city of Berlin

Circular bench continuous red
Continuous circular bench. Enhancement and renovation of a botanical garden

"Infinity Bench" is an installation by Azocar Catron Arquitectos designed for the Alejandro Merino Botanical Garden, near the Enrique Molina Garmendia School in Concepción, southern Chile with the aim of enhancing this space

Wooden villa integrated with the landscape
Villa in the province of Brescia. Contemporaneity of living in relation to the landscape

The house is located near the "Passo del Cavallo", on a steep slope. Lightness, integration into the place, opening and closing are the design elements used by the architect Camillo Botticini

Wooden top with different gradients
One-story addition to a home. Three different slopes aligned with the existing parts

In Vaucresson, France, Rotunno Justman Architectes studio designs a new roof for an existing home equipped with different inclinations capable of lightening the addition and avoiding the massive, monolithic effect that would have "crushed" the existing house

Multifunctional center with wood-clad interior
From an industrial warehouse to a cultural center. Interior restyling of a warehouse through the use of wood

The "Nau", a recreational space located in the province of Barcelona is the result of the renovation of an industrial warehouse transformed into a cultural center by Meritxell Inaraja Arquitecta with the aim of promoting artistic and educational activities for young people

Contemporary wooden house in the trees
Contemporary home made of wood. Finnish nature gets involved in Architecture

Located on the rocky coast of a lake, Pulsar, the wooden house designed by VOID Architecture, is characterized by a full-height glass facade, which allows the surrounding nature to be part of the interior spaces

House with corrugated aluminium cladding
Formal simplicity and strong materiality. Wooden structure and corrugated aluminum cladding

"House for mother" is the first house completed by Förstberg Ling for his mother, a librarian and weaver, capable of cleverly contrasting the simplicity of form with the complexity of materials, which create a pattern of light and shadow

Concrete and wood interior
A nursing home resembles a cozy home. Concrete architecture is complemented by the use of wood

dmvA architecten studio was commissioned to incorporate an educational care home in the center of the existing Care lab in Bruges, converting a series of spaces and occupying them in an intelligent and multifunctional way

Wooden interior kindergarten nest
Multi-story nursery school in Paris optimizes the city's surfaces. A wooden net wraps around the building

The city of Paris has inaugurated a major multi-story building dedicated to early childhood and designed by BFV Architectes, capable of ensuring greater environmental performance and optimizing the use of space in the city thanks to vertical distribution

Interior wooden pavilion
Wood installation in Canadian nature. A pavilion as a monument to the Pacific Connector Pipeline

FLOAT Architectural Research and Design studio designs three pavilions, sanctuaries for animal species, arranged along the route of the Pacific Connector Pipeline, a major planned pipeline in North America that undermines the biodiversity of the environment

Wooden school surrounded by nature
Wooden school in the Danish islands. Food and physical activity at the heart of education

The New Islands Brygge School, a new wooden school building, located near the port of Copenhagen, is distinguished by the use of innovative teaching environments, with food and physical activity at its centre

House in compact wood
Wooden villa at the edge of the forest. The windows open onto the changing views of the seasons

Joris Verhoeven Architectuur studio designs a compact wooden house, built in a decent and sustainable way, which becomes part of its surroundings: without fences the pristine nature becomes its own garden

Circular wooden pavilion
Iconic architecture on Mount Dushan. New wooden recreation centre with a circular shape

Chinese studio DnA Architecture and Design has built a new recreation centre on Dushan Mountain in Shanghai, a landmark in the region which is one of the district's major tourist projects, including water sports facilities and gymnasiums