Drew Harty

United States

My career can be characterized by a fascination with image making and storytelling. Since first discovering the interpretive power of photography at nineteen, I have created images, studied images, researched the changing technologies of image production, or worked on photography or video projects nearly every day of my life

When you involve me in your projects, you get someone with deep experience in media production and a love interpretive image making and storytelling. I have worked as a commercial studio photographer, a cameraperson and director of photography on network documentaries, a freelance photographer and independent film producer for museums and other cultural agencies, and as a fine art photographer, and each type of work has strengthened my skills and abilities

I like to work collaboratively with organizations including, when possible, the subjects of a story because successful collaborations produce stronger more meaningful products. I also enjoy the challenge of understanding an organization’s interpretive needs and creating programs that address those needs in a thoughtful, clear, engaging manner. So, if your organization is considering the use of interpretive media, I would be happy to talk with you about how we can work together