Barna Architects

Anker köz 2-4, Budapest, 1061, Ungheria

Barna Architects is a Hungarian architectural studio founded by D.Kovacs and Krisztina Barna. D.Kovacs Barna is an architect registered with the Order of Hungarian Architects, responsible for the design of Barna Architects. After studying at Marmara University in Istanbul and at the Angewandte Kunst in Vienna, he received his degree in Architecture from the MOME Arts and Design University in Budapest, Hungary. Krisztina Barna is the co-founder of Barna Architects, engineer-architect, registered with the Order of Hungarian Architects since 1990. After graduating in Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest in 1988, she completed many projects of relevance: private homes, industrial facilities and public buildings. The architectural firm Barna Architects is a studio dedicated to research and innovation. Multi-award winning and multidisciplinary, he specializes in various aspects, from engineering to architecture, from interiors to product design. The collaboration with companies of different sizes located all over the world contributes to the research and the realization of unique and efficient design solutions