Collage images realizations with Mastrosistema Geopietra
Collage images realizations with Mastrosistema Geopietra

Years of experience and daily comparison with the most current themes of the building have made possible the optimization of materials through concepts such as thermal inertia, insulation and breathability.
Designed and guaranteed for the installation of the stone walls system on the Fassa Bortolo external thermal insulation, Mastrosistema is the first European system to have passed the anti-seismic test, according to the Eurocode 8 directives, at CSTB/Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment.

-CSTB – SBI Test / Allocation of Fire Class and Material Smokes according to EN 13823, France 4 July 2016:
the fire test, carried out on the stone wall covering, laid on external thermal insulation in EPS thickness 160mm, certifies stone walls as a fireproof material and attests to a complete absence of toxic fumes in the air;
-Austria 2010: Test of fire IBS Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH:
the murogeopietra coating, coupled to an EPS coat, notoriously fire-sensitive, was not to collapse and obstruct the passages for the time necessary to evacuate the edificio; time calculated in 30 minutes with fiamma direct on’aperture at 900°C. The test was successfully passed;
-Italy 2014 – Climatic Chamber Accelerated ageing on external thermal insulation systems:
Great concern was aroused by the possible presence of water in the structure, for external weather or for the natural passage of steam and its disposal. However, the test carried out at the Polytechnic of Milan confirmed the goodness of the guaranteed stone murogeopietra system, specially modified for the installation on external thermal insulation.