Plasma Studio

Via S. Giuseppe, 51, 39030 Moso BZ, Italia

Plasma Studio is an architecture and design practice with worldwide scope and outlook, engaging seamlessly a wide range of scales and types including furniture design, houses, hotels, cultural projects as well as landscape and urban planning. Plasma develops buildings as part of a larger context and fabric, projecting complex relationships and ambiances shaped by overlapping and blurring of elements and spaces, projecting linkages, elasticity and expressions of subjectivity

Our goal is to transform limits into the formation of specificity, identity and change, to evoke an active participatory environment. Since 1999 innovative award-winning architecture studio Plasma Studio has evolved to address the complex potentials and challenges of today


Bistro Bergsteiger and its composition in balance with the landscape

Bistro Bergsteiger and its composition in balance with the landscape

Located in the midst of the Unesco Natural Heritage area of the Dolomites of Sesto, in a position used as a tourist hotspot, Bistro Bergsteiger fits properly and carefully  in its natural and built context. The edge of an embankment, located along a well-known hiking trail, is used to insert the new volume and to integrate it into the surrounding topography

Steel and wood cant

Expansion in Trentino. Steel and wood over-elevation

The project was developed by the Architects of Plasma Studio as a parasite that adopts the structure of its host and gradually distorts it to adapt to a unique organisation.

Enlarged contemporary villa

Expansion in the Dolomites. A Villa from the 60's houses six new Apartments

The Villa Drei Birken residence is located in the hilly landscape of the Dolomites and lies on the edge of a residential area. The structure, built in the 60s and renovated in the 80s, now houses six apartments

Wooden residences on the Dolomites

Residential complex in the heart of the Dolomites. Wood and copper for the building that blends in with the environment

PLASMAstudio designs a residential complex that, thanks to the use of materials and the link with the environmental conformation, it maintains a local character until it completely merges with the evocative context of the Sesto Dolomites