68 Hong Cao Nan Lu Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi Cina 201102

In 2011, Li Xiang founded X+Living Architectural Design in Shanghai, and has ever since been building her own design team working at the cutting edge of art, fashion and business. She has gained cross-field achievements by exploring interior design as an architect, creating many design works with commercial and aesthetic values in the culture, retail, hotel and other industries. Her high-profile design has become the benchmark in aesthetic design and strategic design, and won international recognition with a series of top international awards. Li Xiang is the first Chinese designer that was invited as a jury member of the Frame Awards, the first and only global interior-design awards. Owing to her guidance and management, X+Living has become an excellent design team with international presence, and continues to convey its unique design ideas to the world.

To master the integration of furniture with space design, Li established the furniture brand XiangCASA in 2015, and has succeeded in presenting optimal spacial integrity. Her utilization of retailing infuses XiangCASA's pioneering artistic ideas into our daily life, aiming to bridge the gap between art and life


Taiyuan FAB Cinema and Zhongshuge Bookstore. A cross-brand project for the rebirth of film and book culture

Taiyuan FAB Cinema and Zhongshuge Bookstore. A cross-brand project for the rebirth of film and book culture

In this post-pandemic era, the operation of cinemas and the future development of the film industry has become a hot topic. In the cross-brand project for the Taiyuan FAB Cinema and Zhongshuge Bookstore, a new multifunctional space is born that enhances both functions

Ziling Changxing Kindergarten: nursery school or museum?

Ziling Changxing Kindergarten: nursery school or museum?

The Ziling Changxing Kindergarten design celebrates the sanctity of education by designing the spaces like those of a museum, giving children a dream space: the facade, ceiling and interior floor are shaped like soft white clouds that gently envelope the little users

bookcase china interior design mirrors ceiling

Bookshop like a Bamboo Forest in China. Interwoven shelves like a wall built with historical culture

X + Living carries out this project inspired by tradition and gives importance to the book as a cultural and historical heritage for a culture. The architecture seems to move like a forest where the "trees" are the books themselves that create hidden paths

boutique hotel floor and ceiling in glazed wood

Hotel boutique on the shores of Lake Qiandao. The outdoor landscape is reflected in the Design

The Hotel Boutique Resort designed by X + Living complements a former tourist village. The mountains that surround the landscape and reflect on Lake Qiandao and are the starting point for a project focused on nature and matter.

Concept Store china furniture display shop

Concept Store for a Tea producer in China. The furnishings simulate natural landscapes

X+Living creates the first Concept Store for the Zhuyeqing Tea brand. Taking the Chinese landscape paintings as a starting point, the furnishings take the shape of stylised mountains and clouds, thanks to the play of reflections created with the covering material

Hotel China Hall playful design Color

Playful design for a hotel in China. Coloured graphics become the protagonists of the spaces

X + Living designs the Magic Hotel located in Huzhou, China, a place between playful and functional, where spaces are designed mainly through graphics, inspiring children's entertainment and playfulness, but also taking into account the needs of business people

city playground

Playground for a shopping mall in China. Combination of Colours and Compositions

The Chinese Studo XL, Li Xiang, designs the Neobio Family Park on the first floor of a shopping mall, dividing the space into various thematic zones integrated with each other where the interplay is the keyword for everything designed

Stained glass window and reading room with wooden seats

Bamboo and brick used for a library in China. A continuous changing of fairy tale scenarios

Zhongshuge Bookstore opens in Chengdu, a historical and cultural city which has been described in various poems since 1200. So Studio X+Living wanted to express the atmosphere of the stories in the library project, creating spaces that seem to have emerged from a fairy tale

playground shopping center

Colours and curves for a park in Hangzhou city. A perfect synthesis of design and functionality

The design of Studio X+Living integrates all parts of the shopping center and redefines the functions of the entire area of the first floor, thus creating a single space, in which the various areas intersect with colours and curves