Example of Floors and coatings
Example of Floors and coatings

Floors and coatings

Floors and coverings are fundamental elements for the stylistic definition of an environment. In addition to helping to ensure the desired aesthetic result, these elements must also have some technical characteristics such as resistance, durability, but also thermal insulation and resistance to humidity in the case of interior floors and walls.

Floor and wall construction is an important sector of the construction industry that includes the design, construction and maintenance of floor and wall surfaces. This involves the use of different materials such as wood, stone and concrete. The type of material to be used depends on the intended use of the environment in which the finished product will be installed.

Floors and coverings are a fundamental part of any architectural and furnishing project. Choosing the right flooring can make an environment pleasant, or messy and chaotic. There are several types of flooring to choose from; the most common type is tile flooring, usually made of ceramic or marble. Ceramic is known for its ease of cleaning, durability and modern design. Marble gives the room a luxurious and elegant look and is ideally used in living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Other commonly used flooring materials include hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl carpet. The latter offers excellent resistance to stains and damage caused by external atmospheric agents.

There are also other creative options that can be considered when it comes to flooring and it is always important to weigh every detail before deciding which option is best for you.

Wall cladding is essentially the same thing as floors: both allow you to personalize the house with various colors and designs obtained through the combination of wallpaper with decorative elements or as coverings in porcelain stoneware, inlaid wood, glossy decorative plaster or brick face to face. The murals can also be digitally printed on the wall by applying the latter with special paint that does not need to be restored frequently to maintain the brilliance of the original color.

In modern construction it is increasingly common to seek innovative solutions that allow energy savings thanks to thermal insulators that help to contain the energy consumption of buildings with greater thermal efficiency. Furthermore, many products used in these plans are also equipped with anti-acoustic certificates to protect the living spaces from noisy agents from outside.