Flooring and cladding for both outdoor and indoor applications

Explore the collection of flooring and wall coverings, where beauty meets functionality. Each product is selected to ensure durability and design. Perfect for any space, indoor and outdoor floors offer a variety of styles and finishes. Wall coverings, equally versatile, allow you to customize walls with elegance. Transform environments, creating a combination of aesthetics and practicality that reflects the distinctive style of your project.

Flooring and cladding for both outdoor and indoor applications
Image of construction site during the construction of the screed with the FerriFLOOR system


Subfloors | FerriFLOOR
Sistema Massetto FerriFLOOR is the most complete solution adapted to the new building requirements dictated by the new regulatory system, aimed at improving both the quality and energy efficiency and the environmental comfort of a building in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and habitability. It consists of a wide range of products that meets the needs of the market and design using a single reference and company: from the light and insulating substrate for the incorporation of the floor systems, from the load distribution layer of the finishing screed to the glue for the final laying of any type of coating (parquet, ceramic, marble, etc..). CHARACTERISTICS Ferrimix Lightweight Subfloors are the ideal solution for levelling floor systems and various fillings on floors. They are ready-to-use pre-mixed products in bags. Ferri offers different solutions in the form of Traditional Screed and Radiant Screeds that are suitable for the most varied uses thanks to their high thermal conductivity and anti-shrinkage. While the Self-levelling Screed, thanks to its fluid mixture, enables the easy application and perfect adhesion. With the low thickness levels you can properly calibrate the characteristics of your self-levelling products thanks to the high fluid capacity. The wide range also includes Primers and polyurethane Consolidators for moisture-sensitive floors and dampness retardant Primers, as well as synthetic resin-based laying additives particularly suitable for the building sector and screed additives that guarantee high performance. Alkaline-resistant glass fibre screed nets enable better load distribution, thus providing greater strength, i.e. Tile Powder Adhesives are suitable for improving workability and adhesion, both on cement-based primers and on mature cement-based screeds. The Tile Sealants can be made up of components made up of epoxy resins, quartz fillers and specific additives and are used for grouting joints in general. There are also a number of Complementary Accessories, such as high-density sound-absorbing mats.

Floors Accentuate the Design of Your Project

Floors and wall coverings are essential components in any architectural project. They have a significant impact on space quality and contribute to creating the right atmosphere in any environment. Choosing suitable indoor tiles, outdoor floor tiles, and wall coverings increases the aesthetic value of buildings.