Oostkerkplein 5, 4331 TL Middelburg, Paesi Bassi

Ro has always had something with the concept of evolution. His mind and body started to evolve since he was born premature, this continued until today and will continue in the future. After an education as carpenter and later as draughtsman, he visited art school in Utrecht. After graduating, he started his own architectural practice in Utrecht. At this time he met Ad who, at that moment, had his own practice in Zeist. A collaboration at that time was not very successful, due to clashing egos. He also worked as a carpenter for several years to seek inner rest, and this resulted in moving to the small village of Alt Hoeselt in Belgium to have more space to think, move and feel. Ad’s road was another one. His cleverness developed itself quickly and sent him directly to university in Delft. After a brief period of studying tool construction (which was much too precise for him), he found in architecture what he was looking for. In the first years he was fascinated in what computers could contribute to the design process. A real answer to that question was never found, and he spent the next few years searching. Ad had become milder without losing his sharpness. At that moment, in 2002 Ro and Ad came across each other again. This time it worked. The magic that was first abundant now revealed itself. A year later they discovered that they did all their projects together and actually formed a company or studio. This was formalized in 2005 in what is now RO&AD architecten. The works of RO&AD are very broad; interiors, restorations, offices, housing or restaurants. All projects are build around strong concepts and ideas. But eventually they want to work on a more sustainable world. The first seeds of this process are sown by making a theory about the evolution of city planning. A theory where a building is just a start of new discoveries