Systems for facades and external cladding

Section presents an innovative range of solutions for exterior facades and walls. This includes cutting-edge facade cladding systems, thermal insulation systems, ventilated facades, and advanced materials that add personality, durability, and energy efficiency to buildings. From decorative claddings to thermal insulation, this class of products combines aesthetics and functionality to create extraordinary and high-performance environments.

Systems for facades and external cladding


Certified systems for radiant floors
Underfloor heating is a technology that consists in placing, under the floor and inside the screed, pipes with the passage of hot water able to transfer heat evenly to the environment. The distribution of heat is homogeneous and by irradiation: the whole surface of the floor gives out heat and the distribution of temperature in the room avoids the stratification upwards, advantage that is amplified in high-rise rooms. Features In underfloor heating systems the radiant screed is an integral part of the plant; it is therefore of fundamental importance to use products with specific performance, both to maximise the thermal performance of the system and to ensure the safety of the flooring over time. The radiant screeds Paris 2.0 and Paris SLIM are the certified solution that allows to maximize the thermal performance of the underfloor heating system, thanks to the high certified conductivity, low thermal inertia and thickness, ideal also in renovation.

Accessories for slabs and cellular concrete panels

Xella Italia

Tools and accessories
For the processing of its products, the company Ytong - Xella offers a series of tools and accessories that can cope with the installation and the various operations that accompany the blocks, the cellular concrete slabs and the Multipor insulating panels. CHARACTERISTICS Cellular concrete blocks are easy to work and, due to their physical characteristics and specific installation methods, the company offers various specific equipment and accessories, such as trowels for spreading adhesive mortar, rubber hammer, saws manuals and tape, Ytong team, trellis and so on. The same thing happens for slabs and panels in cellular concrete, for which Ytong recommends the use of forklifts with a capacity adequate for the dimensions of the panels and slabs: laying chain with ring hook or laying clamp for horizontal panels, laying plug for vertical panels or pliers for slabs intended for floors or roofs. Finally, for Multipor mineral insulating panels, which are also easy to work with, it is possible to use traditional accessories or equipment or those used for cellular concrete blocks.

Stone cladding | Accessories: GeoFlat


GeoFlat The special pieces, designed and developed by Geopietra®, are born from the need to complete, enhance and personalize murogeopietra® with the best finishing accessories. The Geopietra® authenticity in special format All Geopietra® accessories derive from a careful analysis of the aesthetic, technical, and construction needs of over twenty years of experience. Selected mixtures and technical adjustments create innovative accessories, capable of solving longstanding installation problems, in perfect harmony with the enhancement of aesthetic details. The typical colorations and surface finishes are incredibly vibrant and designed to harmonize perfectly with the wide range of tones of murogeopietra®. As in reconstructed stone, in Geopietra® accessories, aesthetics and functionality are strongly connected.

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Facade Claddings Define the Character of the Project

Walls and facades are not just architectural elements, but they unequivocally define the identity of buildings. In addition to providing structural stability, they are key elements that constitute the style and innovation of an architectural project. Panels and slabs for exterior walls, along with materials, designs, and technologies, converge to create unique solutions. These transform surfaces into true artistic and functional expressions, significantly impacting the overall aesthetic and performance of buildings.