Systems for facades and external cladding

Section presents an innovative range of solutions for exterior facades and walls. This includes cutting-edge facade cladding systems, thermal insulation systems, ventilated facades, and advanced materials that add personality, durability, and energy efficiency to buildings. From decorative claddings to thermal insulation, this class of products combines aesthetics and functionality to create extraordinary and high-performance environments.

Systems for facades and external cladding


Certified systems for radiant floors
Underfloor heating is a technology that consists in placing, under the floor and inside the screed, pipes with the passage of hot water able to transfer heat evenly to the environment. The distribution of heat is homogeneous and by irradiation: the whole surface of the floor gives out heat and the distribution of temperature in the room avoids the stratification upwards, advantage that is amplified in high-rise rooms. Features In underfloor heating systems the radiant screed is an integral part of the plant; it is therefore of fundamental importance to use products with specific performance, both to maximise the thermal performance of the system and to ensure the safety of the flooring over time. The radiant screeds Paris 2.0 and Paris SLIM are the certified solution that allows to maximize the thermal performance of the underfloor heating system, thanks to the high certified conductivity, low thermal inertia and thickness, ideal also in renovation.

Accessories for slabs and cellular concrete panels

Xella Italia

Tools and accessories
For the processing of its products, the company Ytong - Xella offers a series of tools and accessories that can cope with the installation and the various operations that accompany the blocks, the cellular concrete slabs and the Multipor insulating panels. CHARACTERISTICS Cellular concrete blocks are easy to work and, due to their physical characteristics and specific installation methods, the company offers various specific equipment and accessories, such as trowels for spreading adhesive mortar, rubber hammer, saws manuals and tape, Ytong team, trellis and so on. The same thing happens for slabs and panels in cellular concrete, for which Ytong recommends the use of forklifts with a capacity adequate for the dimensions of the panels and slabs: laying chain with ring hook or laying clamp for horizontal panels, laying plug for vertical panels or pliers for slabs intended for floors or roofs. Finally, for Multipor mineral insulating panels, which are also easy to work with, it is possible to use traditional accessories or equipment or those used for cellular concrete blocks.

Ytong cellular concrete bricks

Xella Italia

Ytong cellular concrete
Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete, one of the most well-known German brands in the building materials field, is a unique product, guarantor of high quality thermal insulation. Ytong blocks have been introduced to the market since 1960, having already been a huge success right from the start. CHARACTERISTICS The main components of cellular concrete are lime, sand, cement and water, totally natural raw materials, present in an inexhaustible manner on the earth's crust. The processes that allow to obtain them are simple, not compromising in any way the balance of nature. Despite the availability of raw materials, the company Ytong does not give up using them carefully. The Ytong product range has been developed to meet all building construction needs. The Ytong blocks, large format bricks with high dimensional accuracy, are combined with light mortars and, enjoying countless advantages including insulation, make installation much faster. Among the blocks are different types that can be chosen according to your needs, Climaplus, Climagold, Seismic block, Tables and thin blocks, SismiClima, Y-ACU. Ytong architraves, prefabricated elements in cellular concrete, can be applied directly on the walls, without requiring additional reinforcements, jets or props, and eliminate thermal bridges. The architrave guarantees a uniformity of the wall that does not allow the creation of cracks. Among the architraves, there are the Lowered Architraves, non-load-bearing, useful in the installation of very thick infill walls, and the Shells, armed U-shaped blocks, in the case of openings with lights greater than those of the Ytong architraves. U-shaped blocks and perforated blocks are included in the types of special pieces offered by Ytong, which can be customized according to construction needs. Finally, the slabs and panels in reinforced concrete are used in floors and roofs, in external walls, in compartments or in internal partitions. Compared to the traditional construction methods, they guarantee a much faster installation, high acoustic and thermal performance, and unsurpassed fire resistance.

Building facade covered with Equitone Tectiva fiber cement panels

Equitone - Etex group

Coloured panel treated in mass with natural effect
EQUITONE is a line of fibre cement sheets that together with a high performance insulating layer makes it possible to create ventilated facades that today represent one of the best options for external cladding of a building. EQUITONE is one of the flagships of Etex's production: the range consists of large-format flat sheets, available in various colours and finishes, all made of ecological fibre cement, a material composed of cement, cellulose and mineral materials, which has exceptional physical and aesthetic qualities. CHARACTERISTICS EQUITONE [tectiva] is a coloured panel treated in mass with hydrophobic treatment on the front and on the back to prevent the entry of humidity in the centre of the element. This panel is unique in its ability to reveal the intimate raw structure of the fibre cement. It has a natural appearance and the surface is characterized by fine sanding lines and small white stains. The sandblasted surface is not treated with any type of paint but is still available in 8 different colours. The sheet has a width of 1220 mm, a length of 2500/3050 mm and a thickness of 8 mm.

Sphere in expanded polyester with additive ready for use Polybeton


Ready-to-use additive expanded polyester sphere | Polybeton
Polybeton ready-to-use additive polyester pellets are used for the manufacture of light concrete, which is necessary for the formation of substrates and slopes of industrial roofs, such as in the levelling of wooden slabs, and in the insulating cavities. With Polybeton you can easily obtain the best suitable mixer for the application required by varying the doses of' dough, thus determining the three main characteristics of the product: resistance, weight, insulation. CHARACTERISTICS The relevant characteristics of the expanded polyester sphere ready-to-use Polybeton are, its excellent fluidity without separation of components, the possibility to pump it at great heights, the maximum adherence to the support, the excellent dimensional stability, the high perspiration to the steam of water and the good qualities of waterproof water.

Decorative Elements for Windows and Facades


Decorative elements for windows and façades | Poliarmodec
Poliarmodec is a shaped EPS element covered with elastomeric cement to create façade decorations or replace architectural details. It can be supplied in standard versions, as in the catalogue, in various sizes and shapes, or it can be realized on a customer’s project. These types of products are covered by a cement mortar applied on the exposed surfaces in two different ways because of the size, the shape of the product and the mechanical characteristics required. All standard Poliarmodec decorations arrive on site ready for use. CHARACTERISTICS The infinite versatility of the shapes realizable, makes it a versatile product with multiple uses. Among the typologies in the catalogue are the eave frames, the marcapiano frames and the decorative frames for fixtures. In addition to decorative bands and the face-to-face cantonals. The type of process used during the laying process gives the product a smooth and perfectly regular surface in the section. Poliarmodec frames and decorations are extremely light and therefore do not need any special care to support them.

Building with glass façade continues Faraone


Glass curtain walls
The curtain walls capture the light and interpret it, making it the protagonist in every type of environment. The company's core business since the very beginning has been the production of glass curtain walls, a strategic sector that Faraone subsequently expanded with the production of "double skin" curtain walls. With the awareness of introducing innovation, Faraone has focused on the technology of punctual fixing, emphasizing its transparency and flexibility. CHARACTERISTICS Klima is the new glass facade with punctual fixing and double glazing up to 3 sheets, designed to respond to the "CasaClima" instructions, guaranteeing very high performance in terms of energy saving and noise reduction. The Klima project responds to the current economic situation by offering high performance at low costs. Some of the values with standard products: - Klima with 3 glasses, thermal insulation class Ucw 0,8 w/m2 K (with special glasses also up to Ucw 0,7 W/m2 K) - Klima with 2 glasses, thermal insulation class Ucw 1,1 w/m2 K (insulating glass made up of hot duct/selective outer sheet and low emission inner sheet and argon gas) Air System and Quadrifoglio are made up of tensile structures made of stainless steel and glass + cruises; they have stainless steel structures, vertical structures with "Glasfin" glass sheets, rotules and cruises. Vetrissimo T and Vetrissimo N are a perfect combination of design and technology for a sophisticated glass facade. The horizontal overlap of the glass provides both good ventilation and weather protection. This system is distinguished by its ease of installation and is particularly suitable for cladding buildings.

Collage images realizations with Mastrosistema Geopietra


Years of experience and daily comparison with the most current themes of the building have made possible the optimization of materials through concepts such as thermal inertia, insulation and breathability. Designed and guaranteed for the installation of the stone walls system on the Fassa Bortolo external thermal insulation, Mastrosistema is the first European system to have passed the anti-seismic test, according to the Eurocode 8 directives, at CSTB/Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment. Certifications -CSTB – SBI Test / Allocation of Fire Class and Material Smokes according to EN 13823, France 4 July 2016: the fire test, carried out on the stone wall covering, laid on external thermal insulation in EPS thickness 160mm, certifies stone walls as a fireproof material and attests to a complete absence of toxic fumes in the air; -Austria 2010: Test of fire IBS Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH: the murogeopietra coating, coupled to an EPS coat, notoriously fire-sensitive, was not to collapse and obstruct the passages for the time necessary to evacuate the edificio; time calculated in 30 minutes with fiamma direct on’aperture at 900°C. The test was successfully passed; -Italy 2014 – Climatic Chamber Accelerated ageing on external thermal insulation systems: Great concern was aroused by the possible presence of water in the structure, for external weather or for the natural passage of steam and its disposal. However, the test carried out at the Polytechnic of Milan confirmed the goodness of the guaranteed stone murogeopietra system, specially modified for the installation on external thermal insulation.

Murogeopietra factory trials


Murogeopietra, known and appreciated for its unparalleled aesthetic qualities, is also able to bring numerous benefits to the efficiency of the buildings. In fact it best expresses its technical characteristics in the coating of external thermal insulation systems of which it improves the performance. Advantages of stone walls on external thermal insulation and ventilated walls: -protection against thermal shocks -increase in thermal offset -resistance to fire -tensile strength of wind -improvement of acoustic performance GEOCOLL adhesive and GEOBI mortar Murogeopietra is sold in a single integrated system; it provides the use of the glue system GEOCOLL, the installation in accordance with the art, on previously prepared bottom, of the GEOPIETRA coating and the application of the GEOBI two-component finishing mortar. Materials studied in total synergy between each other and according to today’s construction needs.

Terra Brotta Profile Terrakotta Stone Cladding


Stone cladding | Profilo Terrakotta
The brick Terrakotta, in the version RECONSTRUCTED faithfully reproduces colors and textures of natural terracotta adding the rustic charm of the bricks recovered. Studied and perfected also to be used with all models of reconstructed stone Geopietra, the reconstructed brick Terrakotta encloses high technical qualities and an exceptional ingelivity. The reconstructed Terrakotta brick, for its characteristics, enhances the performance of the insulating function and makes the structure of the external thermal insulation more robust and resistant. The Terrakotta wall tile, in the NATURAL COTTO version, maintains the charm and characteristics of the traditional brick, which have been tested over the centuries. The dough handed down from generations and perfected in its cohesion and hold, are baked in the oven at 800°C– 1000°C. The substantial innovation consists in cutting the front part of the brick for the formation of slats a few centimetres thick, suitable for laying on any surface that, Once stuccoed, will be indistinguishable from traditional bearing bricks. Terrakotta bricks are available in 20 different models: REBUILT BRICK: – MR02 Padano – MR05 Tundra NATURAL BRICK: – 52 Casale – 57 Mulino – 58 Torre – 63 Grano – 65 City – 66 Barone – 67 Poggio – 68 Fienile – 69 Campo – 70 Naviglio – 71 Fante – 72 Montale – 73 Prato – 74 Naviglio – 75 Fucina

Muroplus Geocover split model


Muroplus - Geocover model spacco
Geopietra, strong of its desire for continuous change and evolution, is pleased to present the new Muroplus line. Muroplus contains accessories specially designed for the finishing of Murogeopietra. Geocover is the first product of the new line muroplus, innovative covers designed and produced by the internal section geopietra: geodo. In geocover we find the elegance and aesthetic credibility, typical of the Geopietra style. The split of the natural stones and their finishes are in fact reproduced in a perfect way. Finish and materials The slit model takes its name from the typical chisel work on the edges, while the surface has a natural finish. Its mixture is composed of selected granules of rock and cement additive high strength, reinforced with fibreglass. The covers of the slit model are supplied with drip, in various sizes of width with fixed length and height. The split pattern is complete with pillar heads. Color and shade The five colours produced have been designed to harmonize perfectly with the wide range of tones present in Murogeopietra. As in Murogeopietra also in the split pattern covers we find the beauty and emotion of the time spent. The slit model is available in 5 different colors: – Spacco BT – Spacco GT – Spacco GP – Spacco BR – Spacco MT

Geopietra stone facade lighting system


Light project - Ottagono & striker geopietra
Geopietra meets the carved light of octagon and presents a new collaboration with Stral, a company of the Group Palazzoli, specialized in the design and production of systems and luminaires of stainless steel (marine grade) outdoor lighting. Thanks to the new Geopietra system, octagon can be integrated with stone walls on traditional masonry or thermal insulation without plugs and cracks, eliminating any problem of thermal bridge and restoring the maximum design freedom. -Striker discreet, perfect with stone, suitable in any context; elegant also in the interior. Base and box in stainless steel adjustable in depth to adapt to the different thickness requirements of the Geopietra coating. Wall mounted, with Geocoll adhesive, before the coating, without the need for recesses. The depth of the INOX box adapts to the thickness of the reconstructed stone and not to that of the Terrakotta brick. -Ottagono designed by Isao Hosoe studio, offers the possibility to create personalized light sculptures. Stainless steel box adjustable in depth to adapt to the different thickness requirements of the Geopietra coating. Wall mounted, with Geocoll adhesive, before the coating, without the need for recesses. The depth of the INOX box adapts to the thickness of the reconstructed stone and not to that of the Terrakotta brick.

Facade Claddings Define the Character of the Project

Walls and facades are not just architectural elements, but they unequivocally define the identity of buildings. In addition to providing structural stability, they are key elements that constitute the style and innovation of an architectural project. Panels and slabs for exterior walls, along with materials, designs, and technologies, converge to create unique solutions. These transform surfaces into true artistic and functional expressions, significantly impacting the overall aesthetic and performance of buildings.