Example of urban architecture
Example of urban architecture

Urban architecture

Urban architecture is a discipline that plays an important role in the design of sustainable cities. It is a branch of architecture and deals with the design and planning of urban infrastructure. It also refers to the arrangement of social and cultural functions in a given urbanized area.

Designing urban architecture is a complex process that requires consideration of many factors, including population density, accessibility, infrastructure and resources. Furthet aims to create a global solution in which sustainable and ecological design become an integral part of the urban landscape. The main objective is to improve the quality of life through the development of green infrastructures, thus bringing innovations in the field of urban architecture.

Finally, in the planning of urban planning the aesthetic aspect of the place must be taken into account and highly considered as the practical functioning of the urbanized space. Buildings must be designed and constructed so that they are attractive and well integrated into the local landscape, urban architecture is also an aesthetic question - how do we transform urban space in order to make it a pleasant place to live?

Creating an urban architecture project focuses above all on how people can live, work and play efficiently in the same space. It is based on the idea that city spaces should not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Campagnola Square in the municipality of Rosà: Redevelopment for a better viability
Campagnola Square in the municipality of Rosà: Redevelopment for a better viability

The project proposal aims to redevelop the area around Piazza Campagnola where there is currently a bottleneck at the capitol on the intersection with Via San Marco

Alun-alun Kejaksan Square: a gathering place between worldly and spiritual needs
Alun-alun Kejaksan Square: a gathering place between worldly and spiritual needs

Alun-alun Kejaksan is a 1.2 hectare open-air square located in the Indonesian, multicultural city of Cirebon: its area encloses a palace, a government center, a mosque, and a marketplace

Are we alone or united in the city? Urban design as a spark of spontaneous interaction
Are we alone or united in the city? Urban design as a spark of spontaneous interaction

The experience of urban public space should be a response to the human need for relationship. "Dialogue" is the urban furniture designed by designers and artists Coryn Kempster and Julia Jamrozik with the intent to bring back the social function of public urban space: to create shared physical experiences

towers and low buildings, top view
New paradigms of urban regeneration. In China between tradition and innovation

Colossal heights, dynamism and urban integration surprisingly manage to coexist in the new Konka complex in Shenzhen. Kang QiaoJia Cheng develops a design model with an iconic impact on the skyline, preserving a human and natural scale inspired by the urban tradition of historic Chinese cities

paint color urban area
Drops of paint in a public space. Customers attracted by a colourful corridor

The architecture studio 100architects intervenes in a public space in Shanghai, China, created as a visual link between the main square and a new sales space, colouring it with drops and arches of paint that reach the floor

Gallery in steel and glass
Galerie Europe in Lille. Steel and glass are used to facilitate lighting and opening

Galerie Europe, located in the New Mons district, near the town hall and metro station, in the city of Lille, France, was designed and built by Coldefy&Associés in 2015, in order to revive the new district

Red public space
Innovative Public Space. The use of the color Red to attract and engage

The Chinese "Red Planet", in the city of Shanghai, is designed by the studio 100 architects to encourage interactions and the stopover of adults and children in a commercial street space previously intended only for circulation

University square stained glass
Stained glass square for the University in Rotterdam. Grid structure with the largest dimensions

The Medical Studies Center, in the academic section of Erasmus MC, was designed by KAAN Architecten Studio. The project is superimposed on a pre-existing building, with a large glazed roof whose beams are of the largest dimensions

covered walkway street furniture
Relaxing in Montreal. Art, games and socializing in St-Denis Street

A refreshing, but also artistic, recreational and social experience realized by Arcadia Studio that respects the main objective of putting people at the centre of the project.

The square frames the church
A historic Mediterranean square has been transformed. A preserved and emphasized heritage

Fabijanić architectural studio is the protagonist of the maintenance and restyling of Opuzen Square, a public space that has historically been a setting for daily rituals and is now being revamped with a new design.

exterior terrace chromatic scale
Painting that transforms space. The mathematics of colour between volumes and architecture

86+73 is an open-air work of art created by Alberonero, the external space of a Sicilian suburb in Mazara del Vallo, it is transformed using colour and its chromatic variations to scale, transforming the old buildings at first glance