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Founded in 2002 by designers Elise Berthier, Marc Berthier, Pierre Garner and Frédéric Lintz, later joined by Anne Klepper, Thibaut Barbedette, Arthur Richard and Thomas Droze, eliumstudio applies signature design to the industrial sphere, merging the mastery of new technologies and the search for lightness. The design work of eliumstudio knows no bounds: the studio uses all kinds of tools, sciences and techniques, for industrial or artisan production. His work ranges from home appliances to personal accessories, from networked devices to interior architecture, from scenic design to urban planning. The company is committed to a study approach rather than an agency model. Its organizational structure is focused on creativity, innovation and the future, with an expansive vision that embraces the evolution of the uses of the object in the digital age

 After studying electronics, Pierre Garner graduated from the ENSCI les studios in 1995. He then worked with Marc Berthier on a variety of projects in architecture and industrial design, while working on design for an SME specializing in spatial organization. In 2002, he collaborated with Marc Berthier, Frédéric Lintz and Elise Berthier to open eliumstudio, a product design studio focused on industrial design and innovation. He is the president of the company. The company collaborates with numerous French and international partners, from large-scale distribution to luxury brands, from industry to publishing. In recent years, new technologies related to the Internet of Things have been an integral part of eliumstudio's collaborative work with innovative companies