interior furniture


Interior furniture is the set of objects that allow the use of an internal inhabited space, public or private, contributing to the definition of its architecture. They affect the entire human person in the acts that are habitual to him, constituting that anthropometric synthesis that is necessarily the basis of every architectural project.

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Interior furniture for the kitchen

Designing a home kitchen is an extremely delicate job. The kitchen is in fact one of the most used rooms in the house in the most modern housing solutions. The interior furnishings for the kitchen mediate between the needs of those who will use the environment and the characteristics of the environment itself and also between aesthetics and functionality.

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Like interior furniture, outdoor furnishings must also provide a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality. Garden furniture is specially designed to withstand the action of atmospheric agents, which is why they are made with particularly resistant materials. The choice of materials is very important: from wood, aluminum to the latest generation polymers.

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Interior furniture for offices

Office furniture must certainly guarantee excellent functionality in the first place. Workplaces need to be productive and furniture suited to the needs of the people who work there can help a lot. In addition to functionality, however, the aesthetics of the interior furnishings should not be overlooked, which can convey values and corporate attitude.

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Sofas and armchairs

The living room is the most lived-in room in the house, the area dedicated to relaxation and conviviality. It is the area where guests are welcomed, a space that dictates the character of the house which will then be taken up in all the other rooms. The most important interior furniture in the living room are undoubtedly the sofas and armchairs, which must meet various requirements, including aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

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Tables and chairs

The choice of tables and chairs to match is very important and can significantly change the perception of a space. Round, oval or square tables can be combined or contrasted with the chairs, playing with colors, materials and patterns, in dialogue with the rest of the interior furnishings.